Zero Incident Framework for IT Operations

AIOps is very vital for the future of ITOps, and ZIF is the perfect solution for it. The thoroughness realized by algorithms augmenting human intelligence allows complete visibility into IT Operations. Using AI for ITOps (AIOps) reduces expenditure & increases operational efficiencies along with enhanced user experience. Here Zero Incident Framework (ZIF), the AIOps platform with a chronological suite of tools works unitedly as well a separate unit. ZIF enables AI-led Discovery, Monitoring, Noise Reduction, Event Correlation, Outrage Predictions Prescriptive Remediation.

Leveraging the power of AI on telemetry data ingested in real-time, Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIF), a leading digital transformation company in USA provides actionable insights and resolves predicted issues to ensure service availability and reliability It processes a wide range of data from varied data sources to break siloes while providing insights, exposing anomalies, and highlighting risks across the IT landscape. From basic signals to complex datasets, using structured or unstructured data of all levels of complexity, our ZIF platform seamlessly incorporates then derives intelligence to optimize your IT operations.


  • Single Pane of Command

Aggregates data from different monitoring tools and devices with 100 plugins

  • Actionable insights on events

Noise reduction in the infrastructure through insightful event correlation and reduced false alarms

  • Identify Root Cause

Issue detection  in the infrastructure faster with infrastructure and application heat maps

  • Predictive Analytics

Forecasts issues before they cause effects using both supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms


  • Notification & Reporting

Logs incident in the ITSM tool and notifies the right people through the Virtual Supervisor

  • Automate Tasks

Triggers and automates repeat tasks and complex workflows

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