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16 Jun
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YouTube Is On The Way Out

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Somoo Hassan 2 weeks ago

Till now youtube was my favourite streaming  website but they are doing useless  things.... 

Youtube was made in 2005 and till 2020 its journey was full of ups but still it was banned in our country .... now the immoral content  is not at easy access on YouTube

Lucas S 2 weeks ago

Although I have used YouTube to upload videos to embed, I have been looking into using LBRY instead. As YouTube goes away from the haven it once was, I wanted to make sure that there are backups for us all to use easily available.

Hafsa M 2 weeks ago

indeed youtube losing all the great YouTubers because of their censorship, things went more against then when they started deleting crypto content. uptrennd and LBRY blockchain projects are the future because they are paying a good amount of money to their users and most important freedom of speech.  

Ivan KR 2 weeks ago

As much as I want to see Youtube falling from the throne, I don't really think it will happen any time soon. It's just that too many people will still be using it, no matter who leaves the platform. ✌

Jonathan B 2 weeks ago

I agree. Legacy platforms have such a stranglehold and much momentum, it could be years and years before they lose their grip on their respective markets. Brendan Eich of Brave has hinted at getting into the YouTube competitor business though..that could make things interesting

That's it! 2 weeks ago

YouTube is busy throwing the baby out with the bathwater. what a sorry story. lets how they will get.


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