Your husband wife character will be the same

Dear uptrendianns 

Assalam O Alaikum! 

Marriage is really a blessful thing

Many people become worried about their marriage that what kind of girl or boy will become my life partner will i get a loyal partner will i get my ideal partner...

These questions come in everyone's mind.. 🤔

But let me put these beautiful lines here that "your life partner's character will be same as your character "

I think this line has all answers at it is said by Almighty Allah..

Allah says be nice to your partner give them respect and love and most of all these you should trust your partner..

I have seen many youngsters who fell in love and do breakup because of trust issues.. 

some people say to their girl you are characterless i wont marry you just because he want relationship with another girl. And same thing happens with both girl and boys they fall in love quickly and end their relation fastly...

I want to say if you really love someone just marry him/her don't waste your time with any haram relationship because Allah has created us in pairs and he has chosen best pair for us ..

Never blame your partner if she/he is not loyal to you just think deeply are you loyal to your partner because Allah says your character will decide what kind of partner you deserve and Allah is best what he does is always best for us....

If you love someone if you are married or you are going to get married 

Then its my request that pleasebe loyal to your partner never break their heart...

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Noor Chaudhry
20 Oct

absolutely we have to be loyal 

most of relationships breaks why? Bcz of lack of trust in relation

Why do people don't believe in each other? Even people who love each other have lost their friendship because of lack of trust.

Most of people's in our life are who's trust are too weak dont mind if I'm give example of your friend 

I'm read your post few days ago is about that my friend girlfriend didn't call her all the day 

ok i accept she didn't call did you think about reason??

why she don't may be she is waiting for your friends call bcz he is always call her 

maybe you are true she has a fake love 

but if she is not than?? Your friend leave her bcz of call wao this is called a weak relationship and lack of trust

(I'm sorry if you feel bad I am the girl who does not have anything in her heart. I thought it was strange, so I told her.don't mind😯if you feel bad) 


Kubra Khan
20 Oct

No doubt! The Qur'an made it very clear that you will have a partner of the same character and if someone is a deceiver then his counterpart will be like that and if a person is innocent and his partner will be like that. So we have to be king, loving, caring and helpful so that we can acquire these qualities in our partner. We must always be sincere with our partner. And we must always be sincere with our partner. And we must always be sincere with our partner.

If we are sincere with each other, our whole life will be good and prosperous.


Shmily Gul
20 Oct

I believe what kind of our nature ALLAH grant us same kind of life partner. So just needs to groom yourself with time positively.

I never believe in the love that happened on daily basis and then breakups too. True love never dies and partner always loves each other. 

love is the name of sacrifices that new generation never know. They just attract outer beauty and never concern with inner beauty. 

in fact after marriage only our character, behaviour our nature and inner beauty count. Physical beauty end with time but baeuty by soul never end.


Agaga Julius
20 Oct

Loyalty is what is needed in a relationship especially among couples. We need to be loyal to our wives or to our husband.

When you love you need to observe the feeling you love properly before getting married to him or her because love is reciprocal.


Waqas Ahmad
20 Oct

In Holy Qurn the Allah says:

 The momin women is only for the momin men. 

The character which you keep is the character of you life partner. 


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