​100,000 times a day is the amount your heart beats and scientists have discovered that every single beat of your heart manipulates your brain but, a healthy heart provides more than pulse which supplies blood to every part of your body.

New research has shown that the heart manipulates the brain via neurotransmitters and nerve pathways. The heart was considered by scientists as a simple blood pump but findings are showing that the heart can influence your needs, senses and deepest emotions concerning other people.

When you experience stress, you are afraid or fall in love, your pulse rate increases. You may feel the pulse of blood in your ears or the beating against the inside of your chest. Your heart let's you sense your emotions and that is why perhaps, people all over the world are of the opinion that emotions are based in the heart.

Science over the years has taught us that the heart is just a mechanical pump that exists to supply oxygen and nourishment to the body. Science told us that our heart was blindly obeying orders from the brain if our pulse rate increases when we fall in love but this view is gradually reversed.

The contractions of the heart according to new research is doing far more than just passing oxygen and nutrition through the body. The heart controls its own rhythm and the nerve that links to the brain means that the brain monitors heartbeats and influences them if necessary.

Our heartbeats sends rhythmic signals to the hearts muscles and are carefully coordinated by the body's own pacemaker which cooperates to ensure that our bodies are supplied with oxygen rich blood.

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Jaspreet Singh
22 Feb

it is difficult and the scientist are still finding new things everyday. whatever has been found is based on current studies and data available till now. yet lot of discovery is being mae everyday and new invesntions are being done based on them


Kenechukwu Ezeme
22 Feb

Human body is filled with a lot of organs but this is a more centralised way of looking at it.

With the nice explanation you gave, I believe that you also have knowledge of cells, tissues, and co. 

The cells are said to be very tiny but I believe that lacking any of the required cells in the body can lead to an abnormality so, the heart and the brain which are more complex have a work that they are supposed to do in the body and none can be forgone for the other.

Maintenance of our heart and brain should be the optimal goal of everyone


flammin spak
22 Feb

I still cannot understand that in terms of science we say heart is an organ , But when it comes to feeling or emotional we say that heart feels pain , and heart attack ... what is this than?


Anthony Eri
22 Feb

It shows that our heart is more than a organ. When we feel happy or sad, our translates our feelings to our brain. New research is telling us that the heart can influence the way our brain works


M.A Khan
22 Feb

It is really informative to me @Anthony E. Yes dear our heart is an organ but it is something else when we feel it. 


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
22 Feb

that is great information, always good to learn more about human body







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