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Hello Everyone,


Hopefully you all are fine and happy to enjoying the weekend.

This is my entry into the contest which is arranged by @Navi bro.  

In this contest we share the romantic movies which i like most but after the instructions of sir @Navi i share the story of heart touching love story with having some romance because a love story is incomplete without the romance.  

My favorite movie is 


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Image source ​​​

This is an Indian Hindi movie which is pictured on the Aditya Narayan and Shewta  Agarwal and Shubh Joshi. This movie is love story and horror too.

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A boy and girl love with each other. One day they attend a party and having  some romance with each other.  

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That day both are going to home together after attend the party suddenly they see a woman open the hair with Horror face and stand in the front of the car.  They turned out the car and at that time they face very dangerous accident.  The condition of that girl is very serious.

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Image source : these pictures i take from my cellphone screen shot.  

When the girls father knows about the relationship between that boy and his daughter so he annoying and warn her mother that you couldn't share our family problems with the daughter.  She frightening and asked i don't know about this matter.  

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Image source ​​​

That girl's family suffering from a incident. That girl's uncle rap that pandant daughter, she was very innocent and innocent girl she would be get married after some days so after the rap she suicide. 

After this incident that girl's father weeping and came into the rajput house and give the cursed to all the family that generations couldn't see the daughter weeding when they planned to marry his daughter so at that time their daughters dead from any accident.

When that boy knows about this story so he says i couldn't leave her alone i fight with this cursed and one day i marry with her.

He was the true lover of that girl. They meet with each other and doing some romance.

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Image source : these images i took into my cellphone screenshot.

You know these cursed convert into face of the ghost 👻 . That boy can fight with the ghost.  But at the end he was successful to kill all the ghost. The girl parents proud on the boy they hug and kisd each with happy ending.

If you want to participate in this contest so please click the below link : 

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Header image i make into my cellphone screen shot.    



Dr.Jenny .
14 Feb

Wow well explained dear 😌

I hope you win....

Ghost or horror stories are always full of suspense and thrill...

But let hope for the best that you win....


Soni Rajput R
14 Feb

Yes these things develop the interest and mostly i see this type of movie to off the all lights. 


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
15 Feb

Of course, the movies that have romance are very admirable, but there are as many Indian films as there are admirable, one of which is this film, but when someone cheats in love, So their souls go astray, and in the same way the outcome of the story is mostly good. 

I haven't seen this movie but I will try to watch the way you have described it with admiration.

Best of luck for contest 


Soni Rajput R
15 Feb

This movie is too good when you see this movie than you know what is the real love.  Now a days when a man sincere and the Women cheat him but in my reality i see onr this type of story my class fellow cheat many boys at a time so after see this situation I know not boys cheat many girls also having this hobby. 


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