We have looked to our dreams for clues since millennia as to how we should live our waking lives. Even if we think we don't, everyone dreams for much longer each night. According to sleep science, we dream for at least six and a half hours every night.

​Why do we dream?

​​​​Some experts think that dreams are merely the result of random and meaningless firings of neurons as the sleeping brain clears out debris from the day before and forms new memories.

​Neuroscience is convinced that dreams are the brain's ingenious way of joining the dots and suggesting solutions to problems while we sleep. Dreams can show us what we really want and need in life by dramatising our deepest anxieties and desires.

​Precognitive dreams that apparently show us an event before it happens has begun to reconsider it's notion by modern sleep research.

​The co-author of ​When Brains Dream ​​​​Professor Robert Stickgold, wrote in his book that "we all dream so much, our sleeping brains are so good at mulling over waking concerns and the probability of a real life event mirroring a dreamt of one is far higher than we think".

​Professor Stickgold goes further to write that "dreams can sometimes predict the future when our brain dreams or show what's happening at that very time somewhere far away. And this happens because unconsciously or consciously, we have information that allows our brain to calculate and envision the possibilities of these events".

​Have you ever imagined having a dream with a compelling and clear message that it ends up changing the course of your entire life? Do you believe in the power of dreams to change the course of your life??

​Recent research in neuroscience has critically examined what actually happens inside our brain when we dream and findings back up existing theory that ​dreams aren't merely a by-product of sleep.

Dreams happen and sometimes become the impetus for life-changing decisions!!!

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Alagbe Adeniyi
24 Feb

Dreams are part of life existence... It could be positive or negative depending on what you had in your min... Its really rare for people not to dream 


preview not available etson arrantes
24 Feb

I believe it depends on everyone.. If we talk about me, i never dream.. Or i dream but never remember it.. Strange isn't it? As far as i remember my last dream was when i was 15 years old.. :)


Anthony Eri
24 Feb

😲😲😲 That's weird I must confess! Every human dream but just as you said, you never remember it! But it's all good, you can make a mindful approach towards remembering your dreams if you are truly committed to it!!!


Balvinder Suri
25 Feb

I also hold the same opinion as don't remember didi ever dream with my eyes closed while sleeping


preview not available Emaan Ali
24 Feb

For me, dreams are the reflection of our thoughts. Whatever we do in a whole day or we make plans for our future, these things always comes to our mind in the shape of dreams. Dreams can make our life as well.


Anthony Eri
24 Feb

Yeah I agree with you @Emaan. Dreams are a reflection of our thoughts because when we sleep, our brains are constantly finding solutions to our daily problems unconsciously and that is why we can get a life changing message, inspiration or ideas through dreams!


Balvinder Suri
25 Feb

I think you are right and it is in our subconscious mind because of which most people don't remember it when they are awake


Balvinder Suri
24 Feb

Like the idea that neuroscience is talking about it now but our old Indian scriptures talked about this phenomenon way back in civilization which at that time nobody was ready to even believe. I sincerely believe that dreams are not merely a by-product of sleep alone


24 Feb

Sir, we should know about dreams when we sleep and see the dreams, the difference between dreams and thinking, wishes because mostly our thinking, wishes, and routine activities repeat in the brain in the shape of mind, if different than means dream may be truly and fulfil our wishes, purposes which are not our brain or mind.







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