Your content is not that good | It's all about how you play the game


Hi, everybody!

Let’s get straight to the point…

You may think that your content is very good, but I’m telling you: it is not.

When you see some likes and a few comments under your post, you get excited and you start to believe that you are now a good content creator.

And you totally forget what content creation is all about.

It’s just a game.


You are self-deceiving yourself because your head gets filled with dopamine and your emotions tell you that you are great. But no, you are not.

It will take you a long, long time before you become great.

And there is still a possibility that you won’t be great at all.


When you start getting less and less dopamine, because of the same amount of likes, comments, and people, you start to feel that something is wrong.

Despite that, you keep publishing the same crap, again and again, but your results don’t change.

Then you start blaming everything and everyone for your own failure.

That’s where disappointment hits and you realize that it’s actually a lot harder than throwing a few random words in a text editor and waiting for something to happen.


To be able to create good content, you have to learn. A lot. Every single day.

Content has to have a purpose.

It has to be wanted.

It has to be interesting.

It has to be original.

It has to be targeted.


You have to know what you are telling others.

You have to show them why they should spend their time to consume your content.

And you have to be willing to be giving to them, instead of expecting to be taking from them.


No one cares about you, bro.

Let go of your expectations, be self-aware, and deliver quality.

That’s just how things work.


Accept reality.

You can’t cry about the way you want it to be... You have to adapt to the way it actually is.

Otherwise, the market will throw you out.


That’s what could make you good at playing the game. 




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Suny Ag
11 Jan

Exactly, overconfidence is the root of the downfall of the best in their field. One must live on the ground and should know the art of learning even from his own student. 


Ivan .
11 Jan

Yup! That's exactly what I'm trying to do - learn from everyone and everything. I hope you do too! 😎


siddharth haribhai
11 Jan

well said one never stops learning as life is a learning game and it teaches one to appreciate the good with the bad.


Edy Stringz
11 Jan


I couldn't agree more

We feel whenever we have the most likes and comments on our posts that we have actually arrived 

When the opposite is the case. 

We need to understand that if we don't give, then we cannot take

And with that, we need to try as much as we can to add value to our posts that way people who consume them will be pleased to come around every time 

Instead of merely sitting back and dumping posts with no intention to educate, inspire, and interest, and then expect to be rewarded 

we need to learn to play this game and to play it well, it's the other way we can get rewarded


Ivan .
11 Jan

Exactly, exactly! I hope more people start seeing that truth! 


Bright David
11 Jan

This is the best article I have come across since a long time now and I am happy it's was on a Monday morning.. This is motivational and it will help me become better as from today henceforth. 

I need to start accepting reality.. My content henceforth will be better than before... Thanks so much for sharing this.. 


Ivan .
11 Jan

Hehehe, thanks for the words! I hope something from this post stays with you! 🙌


Bright David
11 Jan

Absolutely sir,  I have learnt alot just by reading this post. All I want to do now is to create a content that will always speak to people and my intent of writing the content shouldn't be to gain upvotes.


Merit Ahama
11 Jan

This is so motivating and it provokes me to do more better with my contents. I hope to learn more about providing good contests and make my audience want more of them. 

Thanks for this post sir, I learnt something. 


Ivan .
11 Jan

Thanks for reading, Merit! 🙂


Sofs Su
11 Jan

Content writing may not be everyone's game. Practice makes perfect. Writing every day, learning new things, increasing your vocabulary, working on grammar as we work on making the content interesting and of value to others helps. 

Whining doesn't, that is for sure. 


Ivan .
11 Jan

It's a tough game. Like everything else that's worth it in this life. 🙂







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