You won't be able to change anyone

What a person learns in living with another person can make them change, but it is not mandatory.

This change only appears in those who have already thought, even if deep down, of letting it happen. Don't get tired of punching the knife trying to force someone to be what that person doesn't want.

We are not the same, everyone has what they think, don't try to convince someone to change while you don't want to, everyone lives your life.

This message is to activate our minds that we cannot insist on things, leave them as they are.

Understand that we are all different, our defects and qualities that build or deconstruct are just ourselves.

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Kinza Hasmhi
16 Jan

Dont think to change anyone's beacuse you don't how he/she thinks and how they face something

but if I give suggestions that if you want to change someone first of all change yourself then you change other person 

when other person saw many changes in you he will automatically changed


Chidiebere Christian
16 Jan

Change is very important especially when one sees is affected by a lot of problems fro people. One should know that people are different


Tahir Naveed
16 Jan

We can't change anyone .we can only change ourself.we should follow our rules to achieve our goals.Dont convince the others to follow our rules and character .


Chidiebere Nze
16 Jan

There are somethings that are totally out of your control, accept them, and move on. Life waits for no one.


Ifiok Eso
16 Jan

Yea, change is constant and everyone is subjected to this change. Focus on what works for you and not what works for others, because you're a different person entirely..


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