You See Token Price Dumping Fast? Do This


Its been quiet a time that people panic over the dropping price of 1UP token. Here are some suggestions for you can be the part in raising token's value.

▶ When you see dropping price always buy the tokens so that buyers could outnumber the sellers. Have you ever thought of this yourself? You could be the reason of addition into regression of token value! Do not sell when the price is dropping. Selling hastle always turns out to be a drawback on token's value.

▶ Accumulate the tokens at the time of regression in the value so that you don't have to regret when the price goes up.

▶ When the price goes up, never sell all of the accumulated tokens. Sell a portion only and save 60%. Crypto value always fluctuates in no time may be the value rises up more after one progress. This will help you in gaining all possible benefits from the rising price.

▶ Do swapping when the value goes good into some stable token, coin or tether so that you could save a good amount even if you don't cash out at good price, atleast you'll have some good amount saved at the same value.

 ▶ Do not sell all in one time🚫 because it will cause you a sudden dropping of token price. Always add up in raising the buyer ratio by adopting these strageties so that buyers don't drop down.

​🚩Remember we make and break the things successful. 💜



preview not available Skyway Poster
20 Nov

As we know that fluctuations are part of everything, and mostly buyers wait for dump for accumulation, and that time came there 

And really we must wait to price high and use selling strategies too , as u adviced


Amal Fatima
20 Nov

I see when the price fall, people are disappointed and sell their tokens at low rate. 

But you are right when price goes down purchase tokens more as you can. When price goes high it gives you benefits 🙂

Thanks for suggestion it is very beneficial for all of us 😊


Sana ullah khan
20 Nov

Yes of course we should do this when the rate is low, we should buy points When the rate will increase, it will benefit us a lot and it will be very helpful for us. 


Ayyat Fatima
20 Nov

I totally agree with all these points and it can be really posiible by doing individual acts...

if every person would start to buy little ammont of token ,so it would result in the rise of the price..and we have to wait for the price to rise ,and then should sell it


Sana ullah khan
20 Nov

To tell the truth, my heart is thinking about taking some points right now, I have talked to a friend but now I will confirm I will take points from him, he wants to give me 


Agaga Julius
20 Nov

You are absolutely right. The best time to buy 1upnis now. We don't need to embark on selling alone but to buy more 1up. 

What you just said are the reasons why the price is decreasing. U like BITCOIN which is going higher every day. This is as a result of more buyers on ground instead of selling. If this happens, there should be hope for our 1up  


Syed Inayat shah
20 Nov

We shouldn't sell all the token at once. The rate of 1up may fluctuatin and we should keep reserve some token. Thanks for wonderful guidance 


Sana ullah khan
20 Nov

Nowadays, the rate of 1up is very low, but the world is keeping up on the hope, I hope that this rate which is it will definitely increase and we should keep our tokens stored 







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