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Sometimes we don't need a Helper,

We need a Guide.

We don't need a Teacher,

We need a Mentor.

We don't need a Lecturer,

We need a Counsellor.

And this one could be any of the parents, friends, relatives, cousins, siblings, loved ones or a partner.

And this is the one who accepts you with all your flaws and goodness and stays the same no matter what happens.

He/She guides you, scolds you when you are wrong at any point but still loves you the same way, still prefers to stay, to be with you....

Tries best to make you better every day, being a critic to you for your personal improvements but never insults you, prefers your self respect more than anything......

Helps you to shape yourself, to develop your mind, to make you practical about life and living.

Stops you from going the wrong way and shows you the right path. Becomes a barrier before your wrong decisions and never allows you to jump off the wall....

Serves you as a source to get you out of the shattered life, reminds you of your goals, and encourages you to achieve them.

And the best part is, distance doesn't affect your this relationship. No matter how far you live or after how much time you're talking to each other, whenever you need them, they are always there. Whenever you meet again, you talk with the same energy and spirit and the bond remains intact.

Such people are gems, rare gems.

So, Do You Have Any Of The Gem?



Abdul Aziz
19 Apr

Indeed the best friend is a great blessing from Allah. There is a famous saying. A best friend is your confidant. Which you can share every kind of talk without hesitation. Alhumd o Lillah, God has given me such friends. Because of which you do not feel alone. Those who are proud of you. Even if for some reason we can not meet, but we live in each other's heart. If there is no difference between hearts, then the distance does not mean anything


Chidiebere Christian
19 Apr

I have a counselor and a mentor who directs me. They are really of great help to me at this point of my life


Lubna Kokab
19 Apr

My mentor, my counsellar, my best critic, my big supporter and my big motivator is my mother. She always suggest me great and I always achieve great rewards in those areas that my mom suggest. Mother is greatest blessing and when we obey our moms, we always stands strongly everywhere. 


Moscom Moses
19 Apr

Such kind of personality are indeed rare but possible to come by as I have one already in my life.

If all relationships have just 30% of these, the world would be a better place for everyone of us to live in.

Thanks for sharing.


Aasia Noor
19 Apr

And such a grest person is really difficult to find who always stands with us, no matter how the situations are going but that one person guides us rightly and accept our all flaws and then never leave us.....if we find such a person in our life, then we must value that precious gem....







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