You Can't Win A Girl Like This!!!

Dear men,

Stop trying to win a girl using money!! It can never work!! Stop it !!! 

Stop spending money on a girl because you want her to love you. Love doesn't grow or come by, that way. When you give a girl money to love you are only feeding her greed. 

Haven't you heard?? Money can not buy love?? Why pour water on a rock,hoping it will stay ?? 

No matter how much you water a dead plant,it won't produce flowers!!

A girl that Loves you loves for you. 

Please guys Emancipate yourself from financial Chemistry!! 

your safari 

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13 Aug

My brother this things tire me.

to myself for the guys when you find a lady who truly loves you it is just better you hold her very tight because the financial aspect is just secondary


Safari Bangz
14 Aug

A girl will hardly love you for money... If she says she does.. Know that she is just pretending


Mughal Mirza
13 Aug

it is my personal observation that those girls who love us can never expect money from us because they love us not our money so stop spending money to impress girl


Safari Bangz
14 Aug

Thats true,those that love us is won't expect money from us.. If we give them money,it will be a bonus 


Excel Amzzy
13 Aug

You are very right. Most men have that notion that with money you will buy the love of a girl. Well you just purchased it for a little while once money is gone she is gone.


Safari Bangz
14 Aug

Love that money bought, won't last!! Can't be enjoyed... If the money goes the money will go


Mohtishim Mohiuddin
13 Aug

What a great example you have given related to watering dead plants, yes same with the girls. If you think that you can buy love from money then you are wrong, you can only buy their body for some time using money but can't find a true love.


Safari Bangz
14 Aug

Exactly!! You can only buy their body not their love... Thanks for your contribution


Laiba Badozai
13 Aug

Money is not necessary  for the love .

Love is  the name of feelings and it has no worth . Even money loses  it's worth.  

If you really love someone then money make no use .


Safari Bangz
14 Aug

Money is not necessary for love... Someone who loves you will love you with or without money


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