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03 Mar
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You can Earn a Living with Uptrennd

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Zizy Mena 4 months ago

It is already becoming a household name. Hundreds are signing up everyday. 

St3v3 T88888 4 months ago

i agree we have hundreds joining daily and at this rate it will be thousands joining daily, its great to see the progress we are making here 

Martin Aghaobodo 2 months ago

It is a great idea to bring in thousands on a daily basis, but the question is that, is there provision to accommodate the inflow of traffic. Because this might slow down the sever. Too many complain of not being able to register, I strongly recommend more site optimization for better performance. I have been also noticing a lot of bugs lately. 

To avoid the increase in difficulty navigating this site, the admin should find a lasting solution. 

St3v3 T88888  2 months ago

Did you not read the announcement of the partnership with mousebelt and Uptrennd, all what you commented about is top of the list for priority and is already being improved my friend, its all in hand :)

Zizy Mena 4 months ago

Yeah but do you think the large influx may come with some negative effects?

St3v3 T88888  4 months ago

Always positive and negative effects no matter what path we choose, always going to be hurdles but we have a good strong team and will continue to provide a great service

Tabish Aslam 4 months ago

Yes sir its all due to efforts of you people All the VAs are guiding us in better. Now we also started to convince the people to join the uptrennd

Tabish Aslam 4 months ago

All of us working as extension worker to promote this brand

Stephen Eriki 4 months ago

Africans don't relent, they'll definitely grab this wonderful opportunity to earn a living.

I'm sure with hardwork every one can earn a decent living with Uptrennd

idunique Etim™ 4 months ago

I have no doubt that the platform is headed for a big future. In a dispensation were most governments have failed their citizens in terms of dividends of Democracy, people will turn their back on those governmental institutions, and try to take their financial destiny into their own hands.

Most intellectuals and newspaper publishers who are underpaid by their employers will call it a quit when they discover the beauty of blockchain and  platform like Uptrennd.

Earlier today, I made my first publication under the LAW community, which is actually the first publication there. This is to show that soon Legally inclined persons like me will find their way here and we will have a community that the entire world comes to seek for counseling and solutions.

Continue doing the good work, Uptrennd is already on global radar.

Cripto_Nic Uptrennd 4 months ago

Not only for African people Dear Osato, but for every person in the planet who was left behind by their governments.

I'm mouthwatering thinking what Uptrennd can do for millions in Latin America.

Go Uptrennd!!!

Efe Eric 4 months ago

The Edo man , i love the high life background music. Uptrennd makes it easy to earn definitely one can earn a living.







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