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You are also an achiever....... 👍

We all have ambitions in our lives. But very few of us achieve their goal fully. What is the reason? Many of us are not clear on our ambitions! Many of us are nominally ambitious !. But there will be no attempt to achieve it. What is effort? What kind of effort would he make to get out of the water? The goal can only be achieved if there is such effort.

Write about why this ambition is important to our lives and why we should achieve this. Perhaps this thought will shape whether or not the ambition you have taken is appropriate for your life.

Then divide your goal into three or four parts. Write down the sequence of actions for how to achieve each. Now clearly define how many months or years you are going to achieve your goal. At each level, plan how far you will progress in your goal. For example if you are ambitious you are going to buy a beautiful farm house. Where are you going to buy that farm house, how much are you going to buy it for, how much will that farm house structure be, how much does it cost to build a house there, how much money do you currently have, how much money do you need, how are you going to earn the money needed for that, what is the plan for that, it Clearly define your plan as how long you can earn.

Once you have laid out the steps to achieve your plan, think of what you are going to do each day to achieve your goal and divide it into smaller actions. Bring it in regularly every day. Until your ambition is fulfilled.  In doing so you will achieve specific growth. Then give yourself some gifts to compliment yourself.

Create new projects with alternative ideas when it comes to project obstacles. Eliminate existing flaws and explore new ways. To not get tired of doing so, write an article about how much my life will improve if I achieve this goal. Read and edit that article from time to time. Repeatedly keep in your mind your thoughts about the ups and downs you will get in your life when you reach your ambition. Thus while traveling towards the goal it is essential to take care that your physical condition is always mentally healthy. The most important message is that whatever kind of goal you want to achieve, take a closer look at the steps they have taken in the lives of those who have achieved similar goals before you and take the ideas you need from them.

While doing the above, without realizing it you can very naturally feel that we have come a considerable distance closer to the goal. A schoolteacher has successfully started a large number of academies and a number of reputable businesses. Then when I asked him how you got to this point. The answer he gave was that a lot of opportunities keep going in front of me like a series chain. I use them as much as I can. When I looked back at myself many years later, I was amazed that this large loft,  towers, companies was owned by me .

So if we think clearly and plan systematically and work hard, the line of opportunities ahead of us will stand. We are achievers too if we use it properly!

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Clever Mind
23 Apr

@ Sundhari P

Yes, you are right. Our intentions are not so strong. We do not try hard. If we stick to one thing and work hard on it, then we can succeed in our ambitions. We can achieve everything.  If we work hard, we can achieve everything

You have given a very good example of the way you have asked  teachers and how they got ownership of the towers of big companies.

Very important lesson for us 


Atanda Davido
23 Apr

No one is born a failure, with the right mindset and determination you can achieve whatsoever your heart desire


Maria Amjad Ali
23 Apr

You are absolutely right... If you want to do something in life.. Then set your goals, make your plans and follow them... You will surely be successful in life... Hard work is the key of success.... 


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
23 Apr

When you wanted to get success in your life then follower simple formula that dream your girl work hard and achieve your goal this is called achiever


Raja 79
23 Apr

Willpower is one of the main foundations of any success. Will is the root of desire; It is what turns words into action and brings desires from the imaginary world into material reality. Without will, nothing is done.


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