Yes Pirate Graduation Party Coming Soon
Greetings All Trendians Hopefully all is well.

Everyone know i am Uptrennd University #EspyStudents And I am very proud to be a student of #UU. Our second season will end on Monday. I am very happy and looking forward to Graduation Day.

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What did I get from Uptrennd University?

Before Uptrennd University, every post I made was low quality. Ever since I joined Uptrennd University. My knowledge has increased a lot. My writing up has been very good and quality. This is only because of Uptrennd University Students. Due to Uptrennd University, my Grammar and my Post Style have also become very good. I have learned a lot from my Senior.

The best sign of  Uptrennd University is that everyone will help you and whoever needs help will help you happily. I am very grateful to all my seniors who have always helped me and I also thank my Chancellor Mam @Tiger Lily who is always ready to help us and has taught us a lot of new things.

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Special Thanks to my Tutor @Folakemi she is very talent and very hard working always ready for helping me she is also one of my favorite quality content creater😍💕

​Also Special Thanks to @Xofo Miles he is super class tutor he is also very talented very hardworker always support me in every Assignment believe me i am very Lucky because my both tutor are very excellent talented, hardworking both have worked very hard with me. You have always supported me. It would have been very difficult to complete Graduation without both of you Thank you very much Thanks to all who Support me 😌🙏

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Endeme Tariah
27 Nov

Congratulations in advance to the graduating students of UU I have complete faith that you guys will be great ambassadors of UU, wish you all a fantastic celebration in advance.


Saman Aslam
27 Nov

Best wishes for you dear and congratulations in advance, may Allah sucess you. A talented tutor can take us a long way. You are lucky you have such tutors. We teach many useful things from uu. 


Buraimoh Irewolemiwa
27 Nov

Wow congratulations on your graduation, this is a huge success and I want you all to represent the best interest of this platform...


Mimi Marianne
27 Nov

Congrats to you friends, your commitment and hardwork has brought you thiz far, great thanks to all the team that supported you. Wish you more sucess


Jeremiah Akpabio
27 Nov

Congratulations in advance. Sure you'll utilize your new knowledge from the university well to develop and guide others for a better performance on uptrend. Wish you well.


Umair Khan Swati
27 Nov

Thanks yes I really love support newbies on this platform Uptrennd University give me very good information about Quality Content







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