I am not here to make any body feel bad or less important but just want to congratulate our amiable leader who has fought through thick and thin tirelessly in bringing fun and value to this awesome platform. 

I don't expect anyone to agree with me on this but my special recognition and acknowledgement goes to non other than @Engr. SAMEST! 

Yeah! You can keep clapping 👏 👏...

I have come to love him even more and more everyday. He's a leader that listens to his people any time you call on him for anything. 

I thing I love about him is this "you can learn and earn". Lol. 


I'm not too surprised because when you are in a team headed by a selfless and sacrificial leader like @Jeff Kirdeikis who is an influencer and a good role model to emulate, your guess is as good as mine. Lol. 

The main koko (gist) here is my prayers has been finally answered as the Head of Uptrennd African team has finally gotten his Star 🌟 Badge 📛 back. 


When he submitted his badge around February 2020, I felt shocked and surprised. But tried to reach out to him and all I got was this is it for now. 

Mind you, many others have dropped their badges and left the platform but he dropped his and became even more committed than most users and fellow VAs. (as they were previously called). 

It's good to have you back wearing your gallant badge as a Guardian of the Uptrennd Gallaxy. 

Congratulations to you Sir, see you at the end of year party. 

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Hope Uptrennd and Telegram.



Faith Patrick
22 Dec

Wow. EngrSamest was a guardian before now? Wow, that's great. I came back to uptrennd a week ago and saw a star on his badge and someone congratulating him. I had to laugh, because he was amused too😂 Congratulations Engr Samest. keep doing the good work


Chudi Otti
22 Dec

his commitment to promoting uptrennd is out of this world.  It's really a. very positive news. Cheers to him.


Anthony Eri
22 Dec

Congratulations Engr. Sanest on your appointment as a Guardian of the platform. Your hardwork and dedication has earned it for you. Best of wishes to you!!!


Ifiok Eso
22 Dec

Wow this is great. I so much love him, he is a cheerful giver, the way he dashes out IUP made me reason how great a man he is. It is a good thing that he has taken back his star..


Chidiebere Christian
22 Dec

Same happy too for Engr Samest as he gets his badge back. May his total commitment to Uptrennd continue to yield positive fruits for us all


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