I have been away from uptrennd for a while now and NO! I DIDN'T GIVE UP ON UPTRENND, NEVER!😄. I am addicted to this wonderful platform because it is like a home to me now and I cherish it so much.

Why I was away was because we the Delta team of Uptrennd University have been SUPER busy with our JUNIOR SESSION which is about VLOGGING. At first, when Our Chancellor @Tiger Lily announced that our session will be about vlogging, I was… Heheh shocked I must say. I didn't know if I would scale through the session. At a time in the middle of the session I wanted to give up, but some people encouraged me to forge ahead.

Look now, yay! I am here with my first video and I was excited to show you all what I have come up with. The video represents WHAT UPTRENND UNIVERSITY MEANS TO ME. Watch the video to see what I have been working on. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to quality comments. Thank you all. 

Thank you @Not Penderis for your help, direction and advice. I appreciate you😌. 

NOTE: There will be rewards for four Uptrenndians who can complete the following sentences correctly

You must pick one sentence each or you will be disqualified. 

She says, we………. 

We are one……… 

Uptrennd University made me……. 

She taught me………. 




#teamdynamites 😎 

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ifeoma enudu
28 Nov

This is so amazingly done my Queen, I can't stop watching. As for your questions, this is how far I got from your lovely voice. I hope am not late for the answers.

She says, we rise together, 

We flourish together

We support each other.

2) We are on big family

3) Uptrennd university made me see the light

4) She taught me how to endure, how to be  firm and never to  compromise like her and how to never give up.

This is how far I can go dear.

Your video is very fantastic.


Esther Emmanuel .
29 Nov

Oh my dear, thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate and it means alot to me. 

For your reward, it will be waiting for you in the superstar discord.. Than you 


Evegrace Moses
28 Nov

Finally, I was able to listen to your video after much stress from the network. I hope I am not the last person to get the answer but I must say coach, your voice is so amazing and your video is amazing.

You were able to explain what uptrennd University means to you and it is good to know that the university has helped you all this far.

You are strong and I can attest to that. It is a great thing you never gave up because you are a motivation to many.

It is interesting to know that Uptrennd University made you see the light. I hope to be part of that family soon.


Esther Emmanuel .
29 Nov

😂 😂, I see you in the family already sweety. Thank you for your kind words. I am blushing already. 

You are not too late for the questions and your reward is on discord already. Thank you 🤗 


Dr. Chammy Jay
28 Nov

This is beautiful dear.. You know you remain a source of inspiration for me.. I'm so glad I got you here!.

Uptrennd University means so much to all of us and you've shown that UU has a special place on your heart too!.

I love it!.. Nice one

We are one big family


Esther Emmanuel .
29 Nov

Hehe, yes dear.. Partner. We did it together and we made it. 

Your reward already on discord. 😍. 

Thank you my Personal Doctor 


Adeleye Abdulqudus
28 Nov

You blow my heart with this. Hahaha. 

Look at that voice I am seeing... Hehehe. 

The voice made me go crazy. .  I am rewatching while making this comment.. if not I had know you before. I would have just missed the video and passed through my phone into the UNIVERSITY.  

But you killed it with the FANTASTIC background music


Please can you just call my name so I can save it in the sand of time. 

You have bursted my brain. 

Kai I don't want to answer any question. Because your video answered it all. 

God bless UU 


Esther Emmanuel .
29 Nov

😂 😂 You eh!.. Oya come let's shoot video together. It would be better right? 😂😂. 

Thank you dear for your kind words. It means alot. 


Tiger Lily
28 Nov

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!! Esther!!!!!!!!!!

This is like a professional promo video!!! hahahaha and you wanted to give up!??!?!!

Lady!!!!!!!! look at what you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so impressed, I got chills and I want to cry I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!

wow!!!!!!!! hehehehehehe I love it!

and yes - I coudl answer the questions but i won't - we'll make others work for it! hahahahaha :)

i'm so so proud :)


Esther Emmanuel .
29 Nov

Omg! I am so so glad you were impressed ma. This is all because of you ma, your motivations and you are so much inspiration to us all. You have positively impacted in awesome attributes and it is an honour to be a student of Uptrennd University. 

I love you ma'am and will continue to make you proud. ♥️







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