XIO Set to Start Daily Snapshots for $Flash Distribution

XIO has had quite the busy month!

If you haven't yet taken a look at the project, now is a VERY good time to do so. First, a little bit about XIO and what they are working on.

XIO is the first "flashstaking" destination and once mainnet occurs, it will allow users to stake their chosen currency, dependent on which portals are open and available, and receive upfront rewards that they can do as the wish with. The skaed amount will still stay locked for the chosen time period, with an early withdrawal penalty that will amount to the value of the rewarded currency equal to the early withdrawal value.

XIO is also a springboard for lesser known startups that are looking for a different way to fund their ideas other than running an ICO. FLASH is the next in line to springboard off the XIO program, and whats going on now is big.

XIO holders will have a random time daily snapshot taken of their XIO holdings, and for every 100 XIO held each day from December 11 - 31, holders will be rewarded with 5 FLASH. The FLASH currency is valued right now at around $.005. 

Who knows what the price will be after FLASH goes mainstream? Now is a good time to check it out and get a slice of the pie early 😎

Picture is a screenshot from my XIO claim page



Merit Ahama
10 Dec

Hmm this is a really new currency to me, haven't heard of it before. 

Flash at 0.005 dollars, that is promising and it's really a good time to get it before it skyrockets. 

Please can you explain more who are the XIO? 


Marva Noureen
10 Dec

It would be a very good job but I don't know anything about this job. I don't even know what XIO is. If I had information about it, I would have considered it necessary.

I don't know about this currency but you are talking about the many benefits of this currency. It can be very useful for us.🎊



ifeoma e
10 Dec

Sounds like a very good project to but, Sir, you didn't add any link for us to check out the project and be a part of it.

A link would be of great importance, Sir.

Thank you so much.


Raheem Rao
10 Dec

Well that a new to me and it's price show that at so low and a good chance for everyone to invest before it goes to high 

Well i think a link will be given  which can provide   a brief description on it 

Well i will investigate about it

Thanks fir sharing 


Hope Ochei
10 Dec

Lucas this is an amazing opportunity to earn more especially from XIO. It's been a while since I last get any update from them. 

Thanks for sharing. 


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XIO Network was created as the anti-ICO, in that there is no selling of tokens for capital. Rather blockchain startups join the incubator for guidance and help with marketing, user adoption, industry awareness, and connecting startups with our partners.


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