XIO/Blockzero is Poised to Take the DeFi Industry to New Levels

New. Small-cap. Unknown.

These are a few of the things people might think about when hearing about the XIO/Blockzero project. And I say XIO/Blockzero because the brand that we have known for the past year or two as XIO is currently rebranding to Blockzero. 

The first few months of the year have been very exciting for this project. Well, December 2020 was also a big month as the initial dapp development for the flashstaking protocol, aptly named FLASH, was earned by XIO holders and then launched after the Claim section became active for holders. The Blockzero project is boldly forging new pathways into the DeFi world with the incubation and springboard of DeFi protocols of different natures.

The exciting thing about Blockzero is that they plan on launching 3-4 new projects a year. These projects are looking for a better way to get startup funds then the tired and old ICO method. The community of Blockzero holders decides if and how much they would like to support and gain some portion of tokens for these new projects by simply holding the XIO token and gaining ownership in small degrees, or actually utilizing the protocols built into the dapps and actively earning from them.

More to come in the near future, but I must say I am thoroughly excited at the prospects for growth from Blockzero and it's associated projects. Passive income of sorts is a great way to invest for me, and I getbto be involved in an exciting venture as a Citizen with Blockzero. It's truly one of the few platforms where the core team has been so involved and open to community suggestion in the development of the protocols and other aspects, even UI!

I'll follownthisnup in the next few weeks for further review. Hope you all enjoy your day!

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preview not available Betty Ozemoje
24 Feb

From what I just read . The blockzero  have so much prospect. 

I hope you will keep us updated as you review further? 


Lucas S
25 Feb

I will for sure!


EngrSamest .
24 Feb

I will.look into what blockzero is doing, some small cap projects are creating atmosphere for people to have huge profit.


Lucas S
25 Feb

I just love the community there and what they are all striving to achieve


XxX offiong
24 Feb

We awaits the rebirth, hoping it meets all the hypes and positive reviews


preview not available Dotun Awosika
26 Feb

XIO hodlers are in for some good time and airdrop of Blockzero; I am thinking of hodling some XIO too.


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