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Wrong Community Placement

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Franklin Augustine 2 months ago

Most of us are newbies that doesn't know much about the community placement and it's importance, but thanks for expounding on're appreciated 

Jae Subramoney 2 months ago

I second this..I'm still learning the platform and it's great to have posts like this that highlight the etiquette.

Muhammad Noman 2 months ago

Some new uptrendians don't know this 

That is why there r posting  on wrong community. 

I also made this mistake 

But I and all uptrendians new and old be careful of this 

Donkeyzhang Nobert 2 months ago

It's ironic. Even when I see the wrong post in the community I try to relate it to te community and sometimes I find hope. 

Dtwo Oladimeji 2 months ago

Wow! What a coincidence. I just published a post about this same thing some minutes back. It's nice seeing you share this as well. 

Victoria Haruna 2 months ago

Haahahhaha. I saw that too. And it was like having like minds on an issue.

Glad to know we all want a healthy community

otunu Brayan 2 months ago

I noticed this mostly happens with the newbies I i suggest that we all join hands in teaching them what to do

Victoria Haruna 2 months ago

nd thats what we all should do. even though some may wish to learn the hard way


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