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Waleed Khan 3 days ago

Well said joyce i agree with you we have to pay attention on a long posts because these posts will give us a gud idea to write some new content as well as we learn alot from these posts about crypto currency 

joyce rebecca ruvare 3 days ago

And when it comes to newbies to crypto knowledge ,I use the mentioned guides myself

Athar Saleem 3 days ago

A weak post falls flat onto Uptrennd; while a complete & concise strong one impacts minds & gains followers. It’s a worthy and valuable pursuit.

joyce rebecca ruvare 3 days ago

You are right , it's always important to try and come up with a strong post that will attract the attention of readers 

Aliyu Muhammed 3 days ago

Sometimes, I see posts with just a picture and no written words. The Uptrennd community wouldn't be as interesting if nobody actually writes 

joyce rebecca ruvare 3 days ago

Well,if you don't have passion for whatever you do you're bound to doing it less or putting less effort into it. I completely agree with you

Omer Farooq Farooq 3 days ago

Agreed with you Joyce about all suggestion related to post and topics keep it up dear.

joyce rebecca ruvare 3 days ago

Thanks Omer ,I'm glad you're in agreement with my point of view

Muhammad Kamran Akbar 3 days ago

Put efforts and there should be diversity in your content 

joyce rebecca ruvare 3 days ago

Exactly,I agree with you on that because I need to put in a little more effort to come up with these other cryptocurrencies topics ,they're a bit complex to me 







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