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It is no more news that about approximately a month ago, innocent Nigerian youths staged a peaceful protest to press for an end to police brutality and bad governance.

About the same time, I did a post on likely security threats to lives and properties in the post-ENDSARS protest era. Honestly, I've become a seer now to that effect because the fear of possible breakdown of law and order that I emphasized in that post are now happening.

Unfortunately, the protest was hijacked by hoodlums and the very obvious motive of looting, destruction of lives and properties became the order of the day during the protest.

The Nigeria Police Force also got its own bitter taste of the destruction of lives and properties that later greeted the protests. Some Officers lost their lives and Police Stations were completely destroyed.

In fact in some cases, the guns and bullets of the Police were carted away by the hoodlums and this has obviously led to the increase in armed cases especially in Lagos City.

The most unfortunate part of the present prevailing insecurity or threats to our collective security is the fact that the police has been incapacitated somehow as the force is still struggling to overcome the resultant effects of the protests. 

It is very disturbing that the Police has completely withdrawn it's services in most part of the Lagos City metropolis. You hardly see any police patrol vehicle on the road now.

The above has led to very obvious increase in the activities of armed robbers. Lagos City that used to enjoy the services of a very strong and vibrant Police Force has been reduced to a new zero situation in terms of policing.

Just yesterday, very close to my place of work in the Lekki metropolis of Lagos, a supermarket was robbed in broad daylight. The robbers came with sophisticated weapons and they achieved their aim with anyone being able to question their activities. Unfortunately, a man was killed in the incident.

The threats to the security of lives and properties is on the increase now on daily basis and urgent steps must be taken by the Lagos State and Federal Governments before it gets out of control.



Michael Chikadibia Emeruwa
13 Nov

My dear this country is a total mess.

Tell me what is the government going to do about the situation at hand now because am sure that if the police gets back to work any by tomorrow they will be worst than they were.

I really blame our federal government in their Total incompetency, yes.

You can imagine a small country Nigeria our government can not manage our security, finances, roads and infrastructures and , infact am ashamed of these country.

Is a pity that it is still the same hoodlums that high jacked the peaceful protestof end sars are still the ones that are involved in this same arm robbery







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