Worry not; altcoins will rise when BTC finds stability

Worry not; altcoins will rise when BTC finds stability

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It's a wonderful Tuesday morning and I hope we are all preparing for maximum participation in today's 2UP Tuesday.

I observed that many followers or holders of altcoins are complaining over the state of things in terms of low prices of many projects currently. They keep comparing the prices of these tokens with booming price of BTC.

With my little experience, I know it has never happened that prices of altcoins increase with increasing price of bitcoin. No. It doesn't happen like that. Bitcoin price moves in opposite direction to altcoin prices. That's to say bitcoin price increases with decreasing altcoin prices. 

That's the pattern that has become consistently true over the years with respect to the prices of crypto assets. So know this: until bitcoin price finds stability, prices of altcoins will not increase.

Thanks for reading. 

Eurogee Chukwuka



Wisdom Chinonso
16 Nov

Please are you talking about 1UP because that is the coin everyone is waiting for.


Tariq Shehzad
16 Nov

Thanks for satisfaction about altcoin upgradation,but am currently using BTC.


Mike Etim
16 Nov

Yes, it is a normal thing, many people expects the alts coins to rise alongside with the incessant rise of the Bitcoin price, but the usual is that alts coins will not rise until the mother coin(Bitcoin) gain stability and its nothing to worry about because it must surely happens. 

The best option is to keep filling our bags with the best we can now. 


Raja 79
16 Nov

Thanks for sharing crypto assets comparison.day by day BTC gone upward.and altcoins have no increase.according to your experience it is related to BTC stability.we are waiting for this.


Chukwudum E
16 Nov

Yes, this is true. I noticed it played out in the beginning of this year, though BTC was dropping then, but altcoin made a marvelous move when where the price of BTC is quite stable.

Thanks for shining your light to that knowledge 


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