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World without Books

So today i am wrtting my own mind prepare world without did you seen world with no books all libraries or books shops have no books

student or creaters books writters or have no books to learn totally world change how to do man and human being feeling do you learnt no so i am decided this topic why i am writing and the effect is people so lets started

So did you see all the libraries books shop all onther people are fulfill why because the books is the main perpose books. When books are not coming their world the humans life were boring and all charms of life become dull  So i appriciate books reading because books says the life of world and  all beauty nature of humans. Books help the peoples were reading their life activites and social fields of life Books are very important for humans life because peoples learns their social life and socitey activities So i can say books are very important form life and speeds up life activites A world without book are. very dull and borring days of life 



Margaretha Robi
04 May

I love to live in a world without books and exams


Faisy Sheikh
05 May

Me too
People write their own mind and does not care what other person is thinking,
Everyone thinks that they have reached to the reality,
And reality hidden in that moment of happiness which you can give to someone.







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