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World Economic Forum Urges Investors to Prioritize Cybersecurity

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Nathan Kaytar 4 months ago

I think it's time for us to flip the script on these bad actors of the ecosystem and give them a taste of their own medicine.

I'm sure the rest of the crypto world is as tired as I am of hearing about people being taken advantage of and losing all their investment.

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

It takes effort to protect what is valuable.  Working together we become very powerful against the threats.

Nathan Kaytar 4 months ago

United We will conquer all adversity!

Jan Bouda 4 months ago

I've heard that some security agencies who caught hackers, they give them option - go to prison for a long time or to work for them. There should be garantized mechanisms, insurance, more control in general on cyberspace to prevent the informatics and blockchain crimes.

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

There are 'creative' solutions to compensate for available talent, reduce timelines, and amplify effectiveness.  Cybersecurity will always come at a cost.  It might be expenses, time, effort, reduced performance, productivity, etc.  Finding a balance is key.

St3v3 T88888 4 months ago

That should be the first thing you think about

Matthew Rosenquist 4 months ago

Ignoring security is a sure sign of a future victim.

Alidervash Mirani 4 months ago

World ecnomic froum is on and japan before say his concerns on the Libra so let see what will come out thank you for share.


Cybersecurity and Privacy





Cybersecurity is intertwined with our digital world. It impacts cryptocurrencies, social media, technology innovation, software, privacy, and even our safety. Abuse, hacking, theft, fraud, and data breaches are real threats. Digital transformation is changing our world, connecting and enriching the lives of everyone but there is an accompanying set of risks for all those benefits. Cybersecurity and Privacy underpins the trust of digital innovation, including cryptocurrency. As a community, let's stay aware of the risks, threats, and current attacks.



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