Woman has no house?

* One thing is very famous that a woman has no home, first she lives in her father's house, then in her husband's house and then in her sons' house. * * It sounds good to hear and it is very popular among our women. * * But what is the truth? * * The fact is that without a woman there is no home, no home. * * You have often seen that in a house where only men live, the people of the neighborhood do not like to go, do not like to be related. * * Similarly, relatives do not go to the house of a loved one who lives alone. * * What makes this house a home? * This honor is only for women. * * No house can be called a house without a woman * *

* Who adds love, affection and smiles to this brick house? * * This honor is only for women. * * No house can be called a house without a woman * * * Whether a woman has a house or not, but the house belongs to the woman, the house is incomplete and incomplete without the woman.

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Muhammad Naveed
30 Mar

It's true that women has no house because in parents home they are living temporarily and then we t to husband house afterwards and live remaining life thre


Rosewell ogini
30 Mar

You have said it right Women are unique people and that is how God has made us to be


Anazodo JB
30 Mar

You have spoken very well sir, women does not base in one particular house,they live in their father's house first, husband house and might end up in their son's house.women are ones who made our houses a home.their presence gives us joy.


Suman Naz
30 Mar

You are  absolutely right.

There is no doubt that the woman has no home of her own.But even then a woman plays a very important role in running the house, without which the house cannot run. How one woman takes care of the house like no other can.


Waqas ur Rehman
30 Mar

Without woman there is no charm in life.Woman is mother ,a wife,a daughter and in the shape of a sister.


Mr.Oxman Oxi
30 Mar

Absolutely right woman's have no house bcz first she born in her father house after few times she left father house and go for her partner and start the new practical life and trained her children for the successful life of her children 







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