Winner accouncent of my contest

Asalam o alaikim 

dear uptrenndians..

I hope you are having a good day and enjoying 2up..

I am here to announce most awaited result of my giveaway which was about wedding rituals..

It was so much difficult to choose which is best entry because everyone work hard and made amazing entries....

I appreciate every entry which i got ...

Winners of my giveaway are 

@ishmael kelechi

@saima idress

@Afia Khan

@Fatima joyo

@ayesha malik

I really congratulate each of them it was all about the luck 🥳🥳kindly do comment to grab your reward🥳🥳


But those who did not win please don't get dishearted..

I have something for you❤️

I will donate 20 points on each best entry post because i really admire everyone's hard work😍❤️

You all are winners of my contest...


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Fatima Joyo
03 Nov

Yipiii😁i was eagerly waiting for the result 😁 thanks alot for this amazing amount of reward... i feel very happy ..

Congratulations to all winners..

I really love the way you support every participant 🌻


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
03 Nov

Thanks for participate


Abdullah Riyan khan
03 Nov

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to you sir I was late but really enjoyed the other entries and it helped us to know the marriage culture of different cities, villages 

Love you sir ❤️


Syeda Sehrish Bukhari
03 Nov

Thankyou thankyou thankyou so much

I'm also in winner's list..

But the list is invisible 😂


Hamza Ashraf
03 Nov

@Syeda Sehrish How you get such confidence?😂 Are you drunk?😂


Syeda Sehrish Bukhari
03 Nov

Youuuuuuu 12th level 😒

Shhh, don't make noice.

🙄Sit down. Let other's to see legendary me.😑

Hnnnh( pta ni kaha kaha s ajaty h log) don't know how people come from here and there😂😂😂( what a translation) 


Sh91 Khan
03 Nov

Many many congratulation to the all winners. They deserve it. Good luck to at of them.

bad luck to me because I was also be the part of this contest .

thanks alot dear @SaqibAjmal to reward everyone who was the part of this contest 


Mahnoor Amna
03 Nov






Congratulations to you all.... 

My loss i missed that compitition :( hehe ! well whats  gone is gone next time game will be on hahahah!!


Sana Fatima
03 Nov

A big Congratulations to all the winners and those who took part in it and did not win should prepare for the next competition and not be discouraged.

@Saima @Ayesha @Afia @Fatima 

@Ishmael 👏🔥 Wel Done Guys ♥️







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