Win a Crypto ATM! An Uptrennd partnership with Cryptomatic and ReImagine2020

Yes, you read right! You have the chance to win an actual CRYPTO ATM!
Own a turnkey business that generates a lifetime of passive income for you, meanwhile bringing crypto to your community!

Huge thanks to Cryptomatic for this absolutely wild giveaway!
Cryptomatic are the main sponsors of the ReImagine2020 72-hour live crypto conference now streaming live here!

Entering to win is SUPER simple!
1) Visit this link, where you will see a list of quick and easy tasks that you can perform for entries into the draw.
2) One of the tasks (worth TEN entries) is for commenting on this post. Convince us why you should be the winner of the ATM! Tell us why you want to win a crypto atm, where you would ideally put it, your journey in crypto, how it could help your community, anything! Be creative :)

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The draw will happen at the end of the conference!

To watch the conference, you can check it out below!



Trey Tijerina
19 May

This contest is awesome! It just so happens to be that I have been in the market looking for used bitcoin ATMs. I have been purchasing my crypto from bitcoin ATMs for the last 6 months. I have been in crypto since the jump of 2017 and have learned hard lessons and about amazing projects that will change the way of capitalism, business and wealth distribution forever. 

I work in the legal cannabis industry and a ton of people are having to pay with cash for product since not a long of banks will bank businesses. There are a ton of my colleagues that have mounds of cash that they are struggling to handle. I would either put a machine in a dispensary or a cash location near my hometown of Dallas Texas. This will help my community realize that their USD cash is decreasing in value every single day. Especially now after the printing of all this money for COVID19 relief. 

I am slowly getting out of cash and this ATM is the perfect way for my fellow americans to slowly get out of cash too and to get into the future. The digital world is bitcoin and other crypto assets and this ATM would provide an on ramp for my community to convert their cash into crypto without the banks knowing what and where they are moving their money to. The government doesn't need to know everything about our wealth, do they? Pick me! 

Also, I am someone that can afford the$700 and the 1% fee associated with the "free" ATM. IF I DON'T GET PICKED, I AM STILL IN THE MARKET FOR A USED ATM MACHINE SO HOLLER AT ME AND MAYBE WE CAN MAKE A DEAL. 



Damian Emerah
22 May

Good luck to you 👍



Goldenlady 1st
23 May

Do you mean to say that their have been bitcoin ATM in your country since,  that's good to know. thou am new to crypto but I will love that in my country too.



Tolulope Fagbemi
29 Jul

Cryptocurrency is Growing Rapidly already and all countries of the world are now accepting it as alternative payment method for goods and services, there's even a newly installed cryptocurrency ATM in my country. Bitcoin and etheriun are booming daily and is every where to trade with. 

To know more about how it works, you can private chat me for free tutorials. 



Srdjan Bajic
19 May

My name is Srdjan Bajic. I am from Serbia, which is small European country located on Balkan peninsula. My enthusiasm about crypto started at the beginning of this year. I had some knowledge before this, but now I am really committed to learning and developing my skills and knowledge about crypto world. Every moment of my free time is about crypto. Among others, I am always reading something on Cryptocurrency investing page. I can divide my goals on short-term and long-term goals at this moment. My short-term goal is to educate myself and to start creating value from crypto for my family and myself. My long-term goal is to educate, support and change attitude about crypto in my community. My country is European country, with mid income, and we are on a good path at the moment, but people here can do better, and we can help ourselves to improve our lives and our income, beside what government is doing. We have educated people. We have access to technology. We have young and enthusiastic people, but no much knowledge about crypto. When I started my journey, it was really hard to create account on some exchanges and crypto related sites and pages, just because I am from Serbia. I want to change this. I want to help the crypto world to understand my community and vice versa, I want to help my community to understand and use the crypto world. To feel that decentralisation, that opportunity and that global connection in which we are all equal. So, I really think that ATM is good step in this journey. I would locate it somewhere in our capital, Belgrade. It would be great both for local people and for tourists. So, sorry for bit longer text, and thank you for this opportunity. I do not have any luck in this stuff, so I know that I will not get that ATM, but someone somewhere will read this text, and that is small win for me also. Wish you all the best! :)



CryptoHunter PassiveIncome
21 May

That sounds great! Good luck and all the best!



Idorenyin Hanson
23 May

You have a high sense of leadership



preview not available Mayank Jain
19 May

I have been a part of CCI for more than an year now and won many giveaways till date.

But this definitely is the craziest one.

The winner not just wins the ATM but also gets a massive chance to represent BTC in their area and spread the word.

I am not looking this as a giveaway for personal benefits, but as an opportunity to spread awareness about Bitcoin in the masses.

Being said about the masses, I live in India, where all we have is mass everywhere.

I can really think of deploying a crypto ATM in the middle of our Capital Region market which has around a daily footfall of around Half a Million People with most of them being quite tech-friendly. 

The aim is not to make money from the trading fees, but instead make people know about it and make them trade their fiat for bitcoin.

Indirectly, even if people start buying bitcoin is masses, it will reflect on the price anyhow and my holdings will hold much more value. I can also look for potential earnings via the ATM later on, but this is an opportunity for me to represent bitcoin and spread the word faster than COVID could spread.

Coming to my journey, I started out with crypto in Q3 2018. I have been through bull markets and bear markets. Made 10x gains and lost it all. But what I gained against losing my money was the experience and knowledge. It has taught me things not to do in the future when dealing with even larger amounts.

Crypto made me realize my interest in finance and opened up a vast world of opportunities to learn and grow. Not to forget, if we didn't had crypto, we wouldn't have the CCI group and me typing a comment on this platform :) Uptrennd has been like a family to me. It treats you right when the world doesn't. 

I could see the spark in the public at times regarding bitcoin. But only if people knew how to buy and sell it.

With an ATM available at their disposal, getting a grab on some bitcoins can't get easier.

Even if I don't win, I hope the winner makes full use of this opportunity not just for personal, but for community gains too.

All the best everyone ❤️ 



Don Christov
18 May

Well my journey in Crypto hasn't been that long. Just over a year now, began with understanding what Blockchain really is, then moved on to trading and crypto content curating.

I deserve the Bitcoin ATM because well it will bring a lifetime of passive income which anyone would want lol and prove to the naysayers that Crypto is real and paying. Also it will be a good thing of pride for me personally to own only the second bitcoin ATM in my country lol.



proficient Olamide
18 May

Thankls you for this great innovation and a very open heart to Crypto world.

First and foremost, i will briefly introduce myself, I am Olamide from a southwestern part of the Great Nation Nigeria Africa. Nigeria is a very great Nation with a lot of enthusiast youth to cryptocurrency but the government doesnt have much believe in it. If thios Crypto machine could be put in the main Hub of the Nation Lagos per say. It would clear the doubt of some people to crypto and pave more way for people to invest more in it. Also, it will be an eye opener to the government to embrace the crypto into the system and regularise it to the banking system of the Nation. 

I have been into Cryptocurrency since 2017 which i have gained alot of experience right from bounty hunter, airdroppers and a trader in some exchanges. Also i am undergoing some online training in Blockchain and smart contract to widen my ideas ad knowledge in the cryptocurrency world. Thank you.  



Nwankwo Sistus
19 May

Those Northern leaders in Nigeria government know nothing about crypto currency, they only after oil.



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