Mr. Huan was so restless as he paced up and down his balcony. The lawyers had just read his father's will and he wasn't in the least way pleased.

​His father Don Lilo had willed his entire property to his first grandson, Will. Will was young and reckless like his late father Sill. Sill and Huan never got along as siblings do. "As if it's not enough that I have to raise that imbeciles child, now father has willed everything to him.

​" This is unbelievable! Why not my son Micha? I have raised a fine young man in him. He is worthy. I have to do something" Huan had many thoughts running through his mind.

​That night, he ordered Will not to step out of the property. Will on the other hand had a party to attend with his friends so he figured out a plan.

​At midnight, Mr. Huan barged into Will's bedroom and shot him through the covers. As he turned to leave, he paused for a moment, a thumping sound was coming from the window. The window opened from outside revealing Will who was trying to creep in.

Will was startled to see his uncle in his bedroom. He already knew he had gotten himself into trouble sneaking out. "I'm sorry I made Micha cover for me. Everyone at school was going to the party and I couldn't sit it out.

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Merit Ahama
11 Feb

Oh what a bang! He killed his own son at last. And the will would be Will's own without any argument. 

So even while he was trying to fight for his son, he was a very close brother to Will to have covered for him while he went to party. 

I pity Mr Huan, he is going to regret for the rest of his life for sure. 

This is really creative dear, I love it. 


Benazir Ibrahim
11 Feb

The children didn't have any bad blood between them. Their fathers on the other hand had grudges but Huan extended his cruelty.

He dug a pit that swallowed him up too. When people plan evil, they don't know it can come right back at them faster than they had imagined.


Kemmy B.
11 Feb

😱😱 Huan killed his own son! Okay, good bye! 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️😆

This is what happens when a person plots something bad against another. It most often returns back to their front door! Nice! 


Benazir Ibrahim
11 Feb

My people call it 'falling into a well that you dug up'. He will live with the pain for the rest of his life. Will still gets the will. How ironic. Thank you for stopping here.


Dr.Jenny .
11 Feb

A sad storyhe killed his own son I am sure he will be pity upon his decision....

Sometimes it happens we make certain decision which turn into regret...

So always thing before taking your actions...


Benazir Ibrahim
11 Feb

You are very correct. We need to think before acting. Sometimes we point a finger at a person and four fingers point back at us. He will regret this for the rest of his life.

Thank you, dear.


Adetola Muheez
11 Feb


Micha was just shot instead of will, Nemesis has caught up Mr Huan why would he even think of killing will just in the name of wanting all the property to himself, now he has killed his dearest son 

I hope this serves as a lesson to all out there ,never to go mile juts to get what does not belong to you.

Be in contempt with what you have.

Well written


Benazir Ibrahim
11 Feb

Thank you.

Nemesis caught up with him really quickly. It didn't even wait for a couple of days, months, or years.

We must never throw stones of evil in the market because it could land on a dear one and drop them dead.


Adewunmi Arojojoye
11 Feb

Oops! He killed his own fine son. Which in the translated that he was the one who was bad, to have had in mind to kill and in the end he killed his own dear son. Bad cannot be corrected by doing something bad. 


Benazir Ibrahim
11 Feb

You are very correct. He was probably the evil one all along. This is what happens when you sow a seed of wickedness. His innocent son had to pay for his sins. Thank you very much for stopping.


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