Why you should use Brave Browser?

As you may be aware that Google Chrome tracks down all cookies and what you search for and based on what you search you may see different ads. This is a business model of Google on earning from data. Your data is way important. I do believe that data should be private, that's the reason I use Brave for couple of months.
Besides data and ad tracking, Brave has more advantages, such as speed because of removal of the ads from JavaScript, more important it has a great surprise that pays with Brave Rewards. That is optional.
If you choose to see or give attention to ads from publishers you may earn BAT tokens.

Let me be your referral if you decide to move to Brave:



kenneth kayan
28 Aug

This is all very true and correct as myself I have been using brave for months now and am really happy and grateful, as I have been able to earn myself over 200 BAT for the time I have been using it and even it's so speedy while using the brave browser. 


Enis Shkurti
28 Aug

Plus the value of BAT increases by time.


kenneth kayan
28 Aug

That's right, and I believe it's going to increase even more 


Technically Product
29 Aug

I've been using Brave as my main browser since the start of the year and I've been very happy with it. The fact that it is a Chromium browser means that it is very similar to Chrome and you can even use things like Chrome Extensions with it. So you get all of the benefits you mention (such as privacy and BAT tokens) without any major drawbacks as far as I can see.


Basic Attention Token (BAT)





Everything about the Brave Browser and BAT token


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