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So i posted the same post on Facebook, Instagram & Uptrennd yesterday all around about the same time, pretty simple but engaging post if i must say, there was good reason for this post that i put up. I wanted to show the difference between posting on three different platforms and what engagement and/or earnings you could make across these platforms i chose. So how did the last 24 hours go on all these three social media platforms lets dive in and have a look at the stats for each one after the first 24 hours.....

Let's start with Facebook first....

This was a fun place to post this post, it made everyone laugh, the comment section was pretty funny and everyone had a good old laugh at my photo, exactly what i wanted to happen as everyone needs a good chuckle right now. One thing though i did not earn a single penny from posting on fb. The stats for the post are as follows below:

Facebook Post​​​

Likes: 107

Comments: 64

Earnings:  £0.00/$0.00

Now lets Dive into Instagram....

I found Instagram dry and boring, it had very little engagement here i was pretty un impressed by the result i got from this platform, yes a got a few comments, but not very many and really not a lot of engagement whatsoever. So i would say in my over all conclusion Instagram was the worst performing out of the three, and earned not a penny from my efforts on here. The stats for the post are as follows below:

Instagram Post​​​

Likes: 20


Earnings:  £0.00/$0.00

Finally lets see the results from Uptrennd....

The engagement went wild here on Uptrennd, loads of comments, made alot of people laugh and the engagement was way above Facebook & Instagram, on people interacting and liking/upvoting your post. Also everytime people engaged you actually earned an income from it. The stats for the post are as follows below:

Uptrennd Post​​​

Upvotes: 244

Comments: 131

Earnings: £3.85p/$4.69c

This little experiment is not to tell people to stop using Facebook and Instagram, these are great places to keep in touch with friends family and other like minded people, but from the stats above why would you not post on all three, the reason im saying this is because if you spend time posting on social media across multiple platforms that do not pay you for your efforts why not add another one like Uptrennd to your list of places to post and actually earn some money for your efforts. So if you create good content you should also consider Uptrennd as another alternative website to showcase your content and get yourself noticed.

Bear in mind i am level 31 on Uptrennd, when people first join they will only earn starting on level 1 with 1x earnings multiplier, as you grow up the levels you will increase your multiplier earnings, you can level up by using the points your earn from posting here on Uptrennd or by purchasing 1Up tokens on Exchange to deposit and level your account up. Each time you level up you will add 0.1 onto your multiplier. With me being on Uptrennd over a year i am now posting with 4x multiplier on what i can earn. So really now is a good time to join and start earning from day one from your first post.

If you have not joined Uptrennd yet or if you have just joined and need more info on how to grow here on Uptrennd my inbox is always open, always willing to help and answer any Questions you may have.

I will give the same advice as Gary V gives to everyone...... "Post on all Social Media platfroms"

P.S. Gary you should be posting on Uptrennd also you are missing one out yourself it would be great to see you on here posting at Uptrennd.com and im sure your followers would also thank you for letting them know about this new and upcoming social media platform 😎

Check out Uptrennd.com for more info and how to register easily.



Kris JS
24 May

This was a genius idea and absolute proof that Uptrennd can offer so much more as a platform, better rewards and greater engagement! Plus it was great you gave everyone a laugh whilst doing it! 😂 


preview not available St3v3 T88888
24 May

Was a great laugh the comment section had me in stitches on all posts lol


TheLoveJunkie Bee
24 May

I couldn't agree more with @Kris. I so love the idea and stunt you pulled on us all. By the way, you look really good now. Bravoooo


preview not available St3v3 T88888
25 May

Was really funny and it generated good attention online, wonder what will come next haha ..... Thanks :)


Pabon Godfrey
24 May

 very encouraging. I can hardly believe that was you. It's nice that you've had a cut. Let's not be confusing people. Lol. 

Uptrennd needs massive advertisements. We need more people to know about this awesome platform. 

Uptrennd to the moon! 


Don Christov
24 May

Hahaha Gary really should be on Uptrennd lol. I love his energy, with his energy he would turn this place upside down lol

But yeah I also post on all other platforms and Uptrennd is the most engaging. And like you said I also earn here too lol


Saffi Huggaboo
24 May

I saw this on both fb insta and here... But then again... I am stalking you 

😂 Hahahaha....jk... Or am I? 

I think it was a Great idea to post same on all places and see the results, and Yes insta is a bit dry at Times but I think fb sucks to. 

Really only 1 place to be.... UPTRENND ❤️

Love The pictures and its like night and day. Yeay to get your vision back and se how happy you look 😁

Great initiative 👍 have a wonderful sunday my friend. Much love 🤗🌹❤️


preview not available St3v3 T88888
25 May

Stalker alert haha ....... dont worry i also follow you on all platforms its all good... and yeah its good to finally see again lol


Lukman Salaudeen
24 May

I am very happy to be part of the uptrend community. I hope these feelings are the same to you all.







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