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Why to build on Uptrennd a CoinmarketUSE platform! / The “Beyond CMC series” – Part 1

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Elena Demou 2 months ago

Quality post by the way! I can tell you put a lot of time into this one. I really look forward to what you put out in the future! Happy to have you here!

ijatz La Hojita 2 months ago

Many "thanks", @Elena! 

Yes, two of the most attractive dimensions that led me to join the Uptrennd ecosystem are its free speech guarantee and the desire to reclaim the power from the corporations, to distribute it to the citizens. It's the public blockchain's very essence, and was waaay more appealing to me than Steemit's "Money talks" slogan :-p

Cheers too to you for being such a quality and thoughtful mod!

sonia alam 2 months ago

welcome uptrennd. create more more good post and get point

Busola Akinlolu 2 months ago

You're most welcomed to uptrennd Ijatz, you can learn more on how uptrennd works here


Your opinion about CMC is quite new to me but i find it really intriguing. If i may get you right, you're saying CMC isn't 100% trusted?

ijatz La Hojita 2 months ago

Heellooo @Busola, and nice to Uptrennd you too! 🙃 Thanks a lot too for actually having read this contribution!

Yes, through my research I've come to the conclusion that CMC is boldly like the U.S. dollar, or like Tether (USDT): a tool that almost everybody uses on a daily basis, without knowing how its underpinning components and workings do impact the services it provides us with, and the data we basically all take for granted. On that respect, the fact they never considered to adopt a blockchain as their base layer acts as a big red flag (CMC was born 6 years ago, in 2013 - being much much younger, Uptrennd is already about to integrate a blockchain).

But, as an optimistic human being - Gramsci style: "Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will" - in the second and third parts of this series I'm gonna try proposing and promoting collective moves to reclaim our data rights 😊.

Osato Jegede 2 months ago

Hey welcome to Uptrennd! Happy to have you on board. Uptrennd is all about original and good quality contents platform and she does frown at spammers and gamers. However, kindly endeavour to keep all content information restricted to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and English Language. As this is the priority here, but just in case you don't know how to navigate your way around, kindly reach out to the following link. 



Any further questions questions, don't hesitate to ask any of the moderators around.  


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