Why People Got Heavy Down Votes On Nature And Photography Community

​Assalam-0-Alaikam to all Uptrendians Members And Respected Guardians. I hope All are well and enjoying.

​Today I want to discuss why people got heavy down votes on Nature and Photography community. The reason are that.

​I saw many posts of persons which got heavy down votes . First of all these kinds of people take a image of Nature in different angles. And they make a different post the think that that is not a same Photography. I want to say that these kinds of posts are spamming and low quality. Because this is only picture and it's angle Don't depends that these are others. So we must avoid these kinds of unconscious Photography.

​Second is that many people write a same words in their posts that cause spamming. They write only 4 or 5 lines Assalam-0-Alaikam, Good Morning, Best Photography, Best flower etc . They repeat these words again and again that cause spamming and low quality. We bring a new word in our post. That will be changed our post quality and make a unique post.....

​Third is that we make a quality Photography . Because many people use only low quality camera for captured images. So that affects badly on our post. We must bring a good camera for Photography. That cause quality posts.

​And Four reason is that Many people use same image every day same flowers same words that things ruin our community. 

No five is that I saw many people which see the Nature posts they repeat the same comments on every posts that cause spamming comments

​our Photography and Nature community is really very great. But we ruined our community. We must change our thinking habits.

​Image Source:​Freepik​​​



Amjad Khan .

These are the two mostly used communities on this platform and people's mostly copies posts and pictures from the google that's why they are downvoted. 



Fasiha Gull

yes dear this is because of that all are doing same images and copy and pasting others work and i have seen the spammer who even copying the text of other .

ANOTHER community which is nature and people also getting heavy downvote just because of that they have posting image from the sites which have an issue of copy right as well as they have no explanation and not providing the link as well as source of image so it direcltly goes to the spamm and keep in mind spammers can not be tolrated at any cost,



UrØôj Fãtìmã

There are many people who take any picture and put it on the uptrend 

    And a lot of people also vote on the posts of the same people, support those same people  

 (why people do this )

 Let me tell you why people do this 

  Because nowadays people don't want to hard work 

 People go that everything is easy 

 That's why photography posts get more comments and upvote because they don't have to read much. 

  And those who make posts with their hard work do not get any support 

 The reason for this is that people do not like hard work 

 But people have forgotten that success is achieved by hard work 



Awais Shakoor

Yea you're right all the steps are that was and a big issue for downvotes. Someone does not have an idea that what they post so simple 2 or 3 lines write about flowers or nature.



Ram Ladhani

So nice define here but sorry to say i have no ideas about it more 








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