Why is there more joy in Heaven for the repentant sinner than for the righteous?

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In today's message , I do like to read your contribution on the subject matter , " 

Why is there more joy in Heaven for the repentant sinner than for the righteous? ".

I Will start by giving my own view on the topic. 

Among many  things that I have observed in life so far , is the fact that one receives much love and kindness when he is sick than when he is well, this is because those around him will want to see him well again. In the spiritaul life , God shows a sick person ( a sinner ) more love because he wants to see him well ( repented ) and returned to him , and thus gives joy to him seeing him well again ( repented ).

Another reason that portrays why there is joy in heaven over the conversion of a sinner is that , those who deny guilt and sin are like the Pharisees who thought our Lord Jesus Christ had sin in him , because He accused them of being whited sepulchers-outside clean, while those who admit that they are guilty are like  the publicans of whom Our Lord said, "Amen, I say to you, that the publicans and the harlots shall go into the Kingdom of God before you"(Matt. 21:31). 

Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said thus ;

 "Those who think they are healthy but have a hidden moral cancer are incurable; the sick who want to be healed have a chance. All denial of guilt keeps people out of the area of love and, by inducing self-righteousness, prevents a cure".


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Tayyab Ali
26 Nov

Our God loves the sinners more than the righteous. He shows his mercy upon them as long as he is kind but he also loves the pious. He forgive the mistakes of pious when that pious men met an accident 


Josemendez Peter
26 Nov

Well said . His desire is that sinners return to him .


Humaira Khattak
26 Nov

Oh yeah do good deads and respect 

For others and never hurt other people 

That is the life 







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