Why is glucose important for the body?

The role of glucose in the body As you know, the body needs the energy to function properly. To keep the body healthy, it is important to have a balanced blood sugar level. When we eat foods with carbohydrates and sugar, the body's digestive system makes glucose with the help of insulin and sends it into the bloodstream. Blood sugar (glucose) in the body helps us to stay stable all the time.

In addition to keeping the body active, glucose is also used in the production of many other molecules in the body. Our bodies also use glucose to make molecules such as glycoprotein collagen. There are many types of glucose transporters in our body called Sodium Dependent Transporters (SGLT) and Sodium Free Transporters (GLUT). Their job is to deliver glucose to different parts of the body. it happens. When the amount of glucose in the body is more or less, many kinds of diseases also occur. Here are some of the important functions of glucose in our body: Energy and Stability - Glucose, ie blood sugar, plays an important role in maintaining energy and capacity in the body. The presence of glycogen in the muscles maintains the capacity of our body.


Glucose plays an important role in all the necessary functions of the body such as heart rate, the respiratory system to work smoothly. Body temperature - Glycogen found in muscles regulates body temperature. Its presence keeps the body temperature balanced. Kidneys play an important role in controlling glucose levels. It works properly when glucose levels are controlled as well as a balanced amount of glucose is present.

How the body produces glucose?

 Glucose is made up of the number of carbohydrates and sugars in the body

When we consume this type of food, our body digests it and starts the process of making glucose. With the help of acid in our stomach, the digestive system works by converting starch and sugar from food to glucose. It is absorbed from the intestines and sent to the bloodstream, after which it reaches all the organs of the body. The level of glucose in our body depends on many things, the level of glucose in the body or its amount depends on our diet. Generally, the level of glucose in the body of a healthy person is 90 to 130 mg.

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Ayesha Malik
17 Mar

The brain needs a complete supply of glucose to operate the effectors and to show specific responses at an outcome of sensory perception.

Secondly, gluconeogenesis is the cycle by the help of which glycogen is converted to its required form.

You have elucidated it very well; I appreciate the content👍

Keep it up.


Dr.Jenny .
17 Mar

Thanks dear for reading ❤️ my post ...


Muhammad Shahzaib
17 Mar

Glucose is no doubt very essential for our body it keeps us active and healthy it should be present in our daily diet plan


Dr.Jenny .
17 Mar

Yes we should because everyone ignores intake of glucose...


Adams Toskid
17 Mar

Yeah, you are right dear, glucose is very good in the body system especially when we feel stressed or tired. 

Glucose keep us active and healthy.

You have clarified it very decent I love how your analysis goes on glucose.

Nice post. 


Dr.Jenny .
17 Mar

Thanks dear for reading my 💞


Lummy Ayeni
17 Mar

This is an amazing post giving urs the such a detailed information about the usefulness of glucose and for sharing doc .


Dr.Jenny .
17 Mar

Yeah thanks dear for stopping by and leaving a supportive comment 😊


Anazodo JB
17 Mar

Glucose is very important on our health, it strengthen and makes our brain to work properly. It gives strength to a weak person.


Dr.Jenny .
17 Mar

Thanks dear for commenting and reading the post💞







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