Why I love Oman πŸ‡΄πŸ‡²

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Why I love Oman πŸ‡΄πŸ‡²

Why I love Oman this question is asking many people's and even my family and friends many times 😊

I love Oman because it's most peaceful country according to many international travelers company's and traveling magazines.

European and USA tourists especially love to visit Oman and enjoyed Oman Tourism Department best hospitality. Tourism Department of Oman and Government of Oman fully supported by the tourism industry.

In Oman There are hundreds beautiful places for tourists and best thing I noticed in Oman people's of Oman nation's (Called Omani) always welcome to all over the world tourists they are very polite and kindness for tourists.

After Pakistan I have seen four weather season in Oman if you are a nature and hills station lover you visit Salalah city its one of the most beautiful gulf region city thousands of tourists visited Slalah city especially in September To December (Omani People's called this season Khareef) this city weather same like Muree (Pakistani friends understand about this weather) in this season no flats no appartment available in Salalah city completely house full in every year.

Salalah city its city of beautiful gardens beautiful beaches mind blowing beautiful mountain and lush green city.....πŸ’ž


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Muhammad Sajid
25 Nov

According to your this article Oman is really very beautiful and peaceful country. These pics are beautiful too. You are lucky that you have visited this country. 


Eshal Kakar
25 Nov

Good to know about the beauty oF Oman and its beautiful city,,its mean winter season of O man is cold like Murree


Hira Majeed
25 Nov

No doubt MashAllah beautiful places ....

Allah is the best creator..

May Allah grant you a long and healthy life..

Thanks for sharing 


25 Nov

Mashaallah, you have shown so many beautiful places.A country becomes peaceful when its government is good.You are very lucky to have traveled to such a beautiful country


RinNy Mboro
25 Nov

Oman is a very beautiful place with lots of beautiful structures,they are very peaceful and loving people

Thank you for sharing







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