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Why I Always Upgrade

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henry barzin 3 weeks ago

when I signed up, I didn't know that.
Now I understand the principle and I have climbed 7 levels in just one week.
one level a day is not bad.
I'm going to have a hard time keeping up. lol

Tim Carney 3 weeks ago

Yeah, it gets exponentially more difficult!

For example, it takes about as many points to go from level 1 to level 20 as it does to go from level 26 to 27 (about 26,500). I've been at 26 for awhile now! 😂

Jan Bouda 3 weeks ago

From level 30 to 31 it’s around 65 K of 1UP tokens. I won’t move anywhere else until someone else joins me at level 30.

Tim Carney  3 weeks ago

At a certain point, the value of upgrading becomes a bit harder to justify.

In order for that level 31 to pay for itself, with the extra .1 1UP you get per upvote, one would have to earn 650,000 upvotes. I don't know if anyone has even come CLOSE to that yet, in the year that Uptrennd has been around  

Jan Bouda  3 weeks ago

I disagree a little, you have to divide 65,000/3.9 = 16,666.67 upvotes.

Tim Carney  3 weeks ago

I wasn't talking about the total value of the upvotes. I was talking about that change in the rate of earnings.

You pay 65,000 1UP to go from earning 3.8 per upvote to earning 3.9 per upvote. So, you're trading 65,000 1UP to gain an extra .1 1UP per vote, meaning that you'd need 650,000 upvotes worth of that .1 1UP added advantage before you break even on the level upgrade.

That's the point at which I might consider HODLing the tokens rather than trading them, but I guess I'll make that decision when I get there!  

Tim Carney  3 weeks ago

I might discover, at that point, that my rate of earning has increased to the point at which 650,000 could be attained quickly! 

Jan Bouda  3 weeks ago

Hi Tim, thanks for the explanation. You've got a point at your analysis, I got it.

Tim Carney 3 weeks ago

But if you're increasing your platform interaction and engagement with each new post, you can definitely maintain the "1 level per day" goal for awhile! 

Dotun Deetee 3 weeks ago

I see you are set to rocket with Uptrennd to the moon. Keep blazing and have fun.

Muhammad Haider Moeen 3 weeks ago

I am a new member of uptrend. Please guide me how can I increase my level

Tim Carney 3 weeks ago

Create posts that allow you to share your creativity with us. This will gain the attention of the community, who will upvote your content. With the 1UP credits you receive from these upvotes, you can upgrade to new levels! 

Omer Farooq Farooq 3 weeks ago

Tim since then I am upgrading myself and burning tokens today I will reach at level 20 then I will collect 1UP for future too. My first destination is level 20 which is just 20 points away.

Tim Carney 3 weeks ago


I'm glad to hear that you have a plan in place!

20 points away? You'll reach it in just a few minutes if you're that close! 

Omer Farooq Farooq 3 weeks ago

Done dear now I am upgrading to level 20 mission completed with help of all nice buddies.

Tim Carney  3 weeks ago


Enjoy your hard-earned upgrade!

Omer Farooq Farooq  3 weeks ago

Thanks for appreciation my dear good luck to you life ahead.

Shmily Gul 3 weeks ago

I too prefer level up my level. Feel a different kind of happiness on level up.

Tim Carney 3 weeks ago

A sense of satisfaction, I'd imagine! 


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