Jan Bouda Jan Bouda
03 Oct
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Why has all Trenndian community blown my mind today?

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Jeff Kirdeikis 5 months ago

Incredibly well written! Great tips, and glad you see the improvement!!
Quality always is better than quantity :)

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

I am a witness of all the progress that all of us have done in the last months. It shows and we are standing on solid basis and on a good path.

Oldschool Wrestlingdesires 2 months ago

Yes I agree,one well written post is better than fifty that nobody wants to read

Luke Brenland 5 months ago

I agree with Jeff! Your writing is always high quality and on point!

These posts should be static on Uptrennd somewhere they always educated and can guide people on how to use the tools they have here. 

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Hi Luke, thanks for your every day support. This community is growing and evolving every single day and I am proud of all of us.

Juliet Mafi 5 months ago

Nice article ,the good news is the more youu push yourself to write the better you get. With an informative post like yours, we can all keep learning and improving fast.

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

That’s the purpose of this article. I am aware that I wrote similar articles before but I wanted that new members see this post full of tips. Some people think that writing OC is difficult, it may be at the beginning but once you start it becomes easier and a lot of Trenndians write better post every time.

Osato Jegede 5 months ago

The improvements is clearly seen, as Uptrennd evolveds it will definitely get better. That's not to say there isn't any of far lesser quality, but our eyes are wide open. Now we can gain some little knowledge in our quest to sanitize the platform better in all ramifications. 

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

There are so many improvements this week on the platform, I am really astonished. All members of the team are doing great job!

M Zubair 5 months ago

A complet artical with full of information . 

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Glad you liked it. Next week I will be adding post related to images.

javier arturo pulido andueza 2 months ago

That would be wonderful, because I still haven't been able to upload content with images, because I really don't know how to do it.







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