Why don't animals try to eat humans?

Several predators attack humans: wolves, cougars, leopards, tigers, jaguars, lions, hyenas, Nile crocodiles, saltwater crocodiles, Manatees, not a predator - hippopotamuses kill people, and many others.

Some of these predators do this by accident. Others are desperate.

The problem is that, although a human being is vulnerable, several human beings are a formidable force that will not only defend itself, but does something that few animals do: this thing is called revenge.

In addition, human beings manipulate the environment. A human is vulnerable. A human being with a rock or a stick is less vulnerable: he can hurt you and, if you are a predator that lives in the hunt, you prefer not to get hurt to go hunting another day.

Humans are not the only potential prey that defend themselves by attacking and, in fact, very few predators that are lone hunters will try to attack a large horned herbivore if they face them.

Better to look for an easier barrier.

Well, a human with a rock or a stick is like a big horned herbivore.

Sometimes more dangerous, because it can attack you from a distance.

But if a human being with a stone or a stick is dangerous, a group of humans with stones and sticks is really scary.

If you are a lone lion, a buffalo is a dangerous prey. But if you are desperate, you can try to surprise a herd of buffalo, I hope you kill one and the others follow the path while you eat.

Humans don't. Maybe you can surprise a bunch of humans and kill one, but the bastards won't let you eat in peace. They will come running with sticks and stones after you. But even if you manage to escape, they will continue to search for you, and even if they are not the fastest animals, or those with the best smell, there is something that few animals have: determination. If they pursue, they will find you and if you manage to escape again, they will find you again. And the damned don't get tired! Not only do they follow you with sticks, but the unfortunate ones carry their own water and can chase you non-stop for hours and even days.

And it turns out that, not satisfied with their sticks and stones, they create pointed sticks that can shoot and not only hit you, but also penetrate the skin and tear the muscles and play with other sticks and ropes that make them more lethal. And as if that were not enough, they take small metal stones that propel themselves with a controlled explosion inside a tube. You can barely hear the explosion before these stones tear through your internal organs. And as if their ability to run for hours is not enough, they now approach metal monsters that run faster than you can run.

Several predators attack humans in search of opportunity or despair. But few dedicated themselves to attacking human beings, because in the long evolutionary game this is synonymous with extinction.

 Image credit:https://www.quora.com/Why-dont-animals-try-to-eat-humans



Aniss Emma
15 May

It's nice to find out why they don't eat humans


Segun Charles
15 May

One thing I have learnt about animals in the wild especially the predators, they rarely attack in the wild except I one serve as threat. Well not in the case of wolves or hynas


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