Why do you consider yourself inferior?

Why do you consider yourself inferior to others? Can't you do what others can do?

We've seen a lot of people in our lives who get discouraged and look at someone and say, "We can't do this. Think about what he's done. He's a normal human being, isn't he?"  Why can't you do that work? If it has worked, you can work a little harder

Man fails in life then

A man fails in life when he sees something and thinks of doing it then he thinks that I can't do it now why can't you do it now the one who has done it is also a normal person like you  No, he too was born of dust. You too were born of dust. If he has worked hard, you also work hard. You too can do everything in the world, then I can do a normal human being.  To

You can do whatever you want

Everybody thinks I'll do it I'll do it Everybody has their own thoughts so there are some of us who just trust others and take their ideas to tell us what to do now you Listen to your own heart, your own mind, people will give you different ideas, they will not say it, someone will say do it, someone will say you should do what your heart does.

The man who succeeds in life is the one who is confident that I can do everything in the world. I am no less than anyone.




Kainat Fatima
28 Nov

Everyone is created by God from dust. They look alike, but everyone thinks differently. To do something, a person needs to trust me that I can do it. To do something, one needs one's own hard work and courage. One should listen to everyone else, but one should do what one's heart and mind say.. 


Dr. Numan Tariq
28 Nov

Yes confidence, self believe and dedication matters for success... Lack of confidence is the major cause of failures 


Hafeez Rehman
28 Nov

Our Bold ideas 💡 and stronger 💪 efforts with full Conference succeed everyone to his destiny.

Just concentrate on the targets.


Saira Kakar
28 Nov

Exectily we have to not think we have to do which others do we have start to do before others in this way we get success in our life 


Saima Idrees
28 Nov

Self confidence is the main thing to get success in every field, if you have lack of confidence and inferior complexity, you couldn't win any game,can't be successful in life, have a believe  on yourself....


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