Why Bitcoin Cash is better than Fiat.

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Fiat currency the same as "paper money" is the countries legal way of exchange of value in the internal economy of a nation also the money is regulated and managed by Central bank, this currency isn't backed up by any physical asset such as Silver or Gold. This money is backed up in each country's Law and defined only by trust.

Also to mention that is centralised and the government have power over it, this kind of money isn't free from inflation and the authorities can print anytime they want.

Bitcoin cash in other hand have features that definitely make it better than Fiat not to mention that is an asset free of inflation and have only 21M of coins available to be mined over the years but not only that, let's just analyze more of this ecosystem:

  • low storage and transfer cost

  • The division allow small transactions

  • It's Global

  • It cannot be confiscated by government authorities

  • The transactions are on really time

  • Impossible to counterfeit/falsify

  • High level of security.

After listing this great advantages of Bitcoin Cash over Fiat it's time to analyze each one of them and appreciate how cool this ones have impact in global adoption of this currency.

Low storage and transfer cost.

Something that is good to Bitcoin Cash is related to storage, different from Fiat the store and maintenance is free of charge when the paper money cost money on the traditional financial system, the transfer on Bitcoin cash networks are very cheap than Fiat.

Transfers happening on Bitcoin Cash blockchain are very affordable and compared with Fiat we can say that are very very low and this is a good catalyst to embrace this awesome store of value.

The division allow small transactions.

There are small fractions of Bitcoin Cash called Satoshis in honour of Satoshi Nakamoto the man behind this revolutionary coin, and using this fractions of Bitcoin Cash is possible to send small transfers of value within the network which aren't happen when using Fiat. For example the transfer of 0.0001 BCH is possible and cost less than a cent to send it to another wallet with a lightning speed and this one occur more often than in Fiat.

It's global

Bitcoin Cash can be used to exchange value global without any kind of restriction anytime anywhere as it isn't controlled by government entities, the coin is decentralized causing it movement to be more planetary different from Paper money that have huge government impediment, it's regulated and centralised to be used within borders and highly monitored by them. Doesn't serve to be used across borders.

It cannot be confiscated by government authorities.

One of my best features on Bitcoin Cash is that isn't controlled by government is completely decentralized and independent from authorities, government have no power on it and can confiscate Bitcoin Cash. The coin just need a internet connection and an active wallet to be able to use it, buy or trade with another assets. Here the users are they own Banks are can control their funds without have to declare or get any government interference.

The transactions are on really time.

Bitcoin Cash transactions happen in real-time and are very fast made on the blockchain with users making worldwide transfers to any part of the globe and confirmations in just a couple of minutes. People can use Bitcoin Cash transfers to send money to loved ones all across the planet and the same ones can receive it on the same minute just awaiting for confirmations to able to use this funds.

Impossible to counterfeit/falsify.

Bitcoin cash was built to combat this maleficent incident with happen on paper money that can easily counterfeit, Bitcoin Cash is proof of falsifications and can't be registered dual payments on network and the network can detect this behavior easily.

High level of security..

Bitcoin Cash have a security level very high and is built to protect all environment surrounding it, this level of security is dubbed cryptographic backup and this same one also prevent the coin to be falsified and allow it to get worldwide and simultaneously stored. This kind of security is more effective and higher that traditional banks and the transactions are recorded on the blockchain where anyone can verify the authenticity of transactions.

There many more reasons to believe that Bitcoin Cash is better than "paper money" but the ones above are clear the best ones and reflect the mass scale of adoption the coin can have in the future.

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Esther Akusobi
24 Nov

All this features you mentioned are very unique and this is why its very special and reliable , no doubt bitcoin has the most fastest easy nternet access transfer you can ever I think of,,well thanks for the in formation.


Irshad Ahmad
25 Nov

All this features you mentiondare very unique


Aman Arora
25 Nov

Thats true That bitcoin cash is better than fiat and block size is way bigger than its counterpart to record and mine larger transaction but it is still to be tested on platforms as transaction time is still more than what it takes to process card transactions but still there is imotovements and solutions on offer. By the way, Brave Browser has ended affiliate programme and Now you can remove promotions links  from post footer..TC

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