Why are some people always single?

Kiara Bay Speaks about her sister:

   My older sister has never been in a relationship. She is the prettiest woman I know, beautiful without putting too much effort and naturally elegant and graceful

However she is dedicating her life to her academic studies and her dream to become a great heart-surgeon just like my dad. Althought she is very easy-going, a party person whenever she needs a break and also a cheerleader she never met someone at her level. I am genuinely happy she didn't waste her time on wrong people and I am pretty sure she’ll find her true soulmate one day.

EDIT: Sone of you didn't understand what I meant by “at her level” and I wasn't good at explaining it either since I am not a native speaker. What I meant is that where I live young generation is very superficial (I may include myself in it) and it's not much interested on romance and education. So by “at her level” I meant someone who treats her the way she should be treated, that's it. She is 22 and she doesn't want to be single forever but for now her studies have a main role.




Tunde Oluyemi
25 May

Good to hear that from you fellow uptrenndian, your sister has a seriuos focus concerning her academics carrier, though is one of the factors that influence early marriage. so is a good steps taken by her, once she is ready to get married, the perfect man will definetely be available with little or no stress. Anyway thank you for sharing this post and keep the good hard wpork moving.


Ezekiel Gbenga
25 May

Thank you for the respond and you are on the point.

Keep it up 


Phil Physicist
25 May

Hmmm... This is complicated but I can really say here is that some women get distracted joining education with relationships but you must really know what you are doing if you have this kind of attitude. 

But relationship is very important 

So she should think about that


Ezekiel Gbenga
25 May

That is great to hear from you and yes you are right but keep working hard.

Stay safe 


Raimi Akeem
25 May

i think shes not ready to be in a relationship

if she is ready to be in one she will surely see someone


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