Whose blind eyes spread the light of knowledge.

Khurshid Zama was a merchant of Jhansi. A boy was born to them in 1943. He was named Iqbal Ahmed. The family migrated to Pakistan in 1951 and settled in Karachi. Iqbal Ahmed's education started here but Iqbal was only ten years old when his eyes were lost and Iqbal's world become dark.

 What can happen now!

 People thought that now this ten-year-old promising boy would lose his sight as well as his education, but the power of determination is a greater blessing than the eyes, perhaps the greatest blessing.


Iqbal did not stop studying. Can't the blind srudy? There are countless examples in history of people being educated and getting higher education despite being blind. Egypt's Taha Hussein and Helen Keller are recent examples who have made a name for themselves in the world.

Iqbal also did not give up. He continued his education and continued to study privately and give examinations. Fazil passed the Urdu exam in 1965 and passed the CT exam in 1971 and the MA exam in 1972. 

When Iqbal wanted to get admission in C.T, he was not admitted because he was blind. But after Iqbal's wish and effort, he was allowed to sit in the class on the condition that If the performance is good then regular admission will be given otherwise you will not participate in the exam. But in three months, Iqbal persuaded the principal with his hard work and enthusiasm and passed the C.T exam from St. Patrick's Teachers Training College as a regular student.

Until 1973, blind people were not admitted to the College of Education as if they were not considered worthy of it. But Iqbal not only admitted himself by showing his whistle record there, but after his example was set, the ban on blind entry was lifted.



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12 Jan

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