Whoops! My Laptop Charger Just exploded.

The day started with a rather chilly spine in my back. Things were bad enough when I woke up with an aching throat, a dry mouth and a blanket that doesn't keep me warm enough.
Turns out, the temperature at night dropped to a whopping "feels like - 30°C". No, not 30°, negative 30°.

Its one of the only drawbacks of living in Ukraine. The harsh winters can be flveru punishing, especially when the temperatures make sudden moves.

To totally appreciate how I feel at the moment, I recommend playing this video while reading my post.
Throwback to MySpace, anyone?

The winter can be bearable. The torture of the unforgiving winter can be subdued. I have a terrific radiator, tonnes of coffee and hot cacao, and my place is packed with 60watts warm bulbs.

I would be lying if the seasonal laziness didn't kick in. I spent a good part of my first minutes of the day simply lying down and floating in the void. One of the common occurrences in the attempt to adapt to the whether, early in the morning.

Every winter I feel like the fate of Decaprio in revenant awaits me out in the snow. The cruel cold outside doesn't feel any less than fighting a grizzly while suffering from frostbite. It's a constant fear that haunts me. The act of simply walking to the car to go to work gives me anxiety.

As if that wasn't band enough, as soon as I mustered up the courage to start my day, I turned my laptop on. A rather swift "Low bateery. Please plug in." notification popped up. Ah, the restraints of wireless freedom. How ironic.

I was looking up the latest trends of memes. Since I was one of the recepients of themarkymark Twitter meme giveaway, I now have a new responsibility to keep up to date with latest memes, as the self attained position of memelord.

As soon as I plugged the charger in, my laptop took a breath of relief, things looked bright, and my endeavors of defending the memelord position continued.

In a rather funny but sad way, a sound resembling that of wet fart filled my ears up. I thought to myself that it could be the beans from last night or I am subliminally growing a fart fetish. To much surprise, or disappointment, it was neither.

A second later, an explosion took place. Along with a blast of bright light. The only good thinf was that I felt a little warm for a fraction of a second. The bad thing was the "Low battery. Please plug in" notification has once again popped up.

After quickly unplugging everything from the wall sockets, a thorough investigation revealed that my adapter wire had exploded. BOOM. Gone.

The switchboard had automatically switched off for security, and there was no other problem. How the wire imploded, I have no clue. Why did it, still no clue.

The major issue is that due to the lockdown, finding a replacement is almost impossible. Non-essential businesses like computer shops are currently closed until next week. Finding a replacement online will take a long time to reach because of the lockdown.

I'm now stuck with a laptop with no charge. No charger. And a life where I'll have to do everything on the phone. So excuse me if this post isn't as fancily designed like my posts usually are. But I'm a little handicapped.... And cold.



Epiphany Arthur
23 Jan

I know, all too well, the struggle of a blown laptop charger. It's one of the reasons my laptop is a dust collector on my shelf now. 😅😅😅😅

It's cold here too, but a -30 has me going waaaahhhh???? 😨😨😨😨 Maybe wear something snug underneath your clothes before going to bed? It works for me, so...

Don't worry... It's almost next week, alright? You'll be okay, I hope. 😊😊😊😊


Senor Blindsky
28 Jan

time flies, doesnt it? Look how soon these days went by and everything is back to normal for me lol


Epiphany Arthur
29 Jan

Yay! You made it. See?

Have you done the needful yet?


Adeleye Abdulqudus
23 Jan

this is just so pathethic... hahahaha i dont depend much on my system, i use my phone all day out, so even if my cable get burnt i wont mind lollllll

anyways you have no option than to chill till the lockdown ovwer get eased...

by the way i really enjoyed both videos, the flute went well along with the post contents,,, hmmmmmn and the horrible scene with the bear was just like taking a break


Senor Blindsky
28 Jan

I am very handicapped ithout my pc. Too dependant on it.

I got the charger and happily eveyrhting is working well


Manzar Baloch
24 Jan

It's so bad ..we should care about the laptop charger this is unique thing because original charger can do it's work very well alternative are not so good


Senor Blindsky
28 Jan

I guess i agree. however I have found a cheap alt, lets see how long that lasts







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