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Who wants to make a thief famous?

(if you don't know what happened - start here.    Click on this post first to get the details.)

I've had about 2 hours of sleep.

Woke up, not so rested. But I'm not crying anymore.

The time for tears is over. The ones who know me, know my stubborn side very well.  

It will take a lot more than a compromised wallet and the loss of money to stop me from starting all over again to achieve my goals.

I've been working on a project for a few months now. Some of you know. That money was going to fund the project for all of us. 

The project is not stopping.

I am not stopping.

Yes, its harder. 

We'll work harder.

We will start again. I have faith that the Lord has an even BETTER plan for me than the path that I was on.  I trust Him.

We move.

Funny thing?  We've been documenting this journey and would be releasing the documentary in pieces, over 4 weeks, as we got closer to the launch of the project.  To the thief:  You just made our story that much more powerful.  Thank you for your viciousness. Yes, thank you.  Because you lit even more of a fire in me.  I hope that we get to know your name, and face - not just your wallet, because when we do?  I will happily brand you a thief PUBLICLY and make you KNOWN for your sleazy behavior. Thank you for waking up the "Tiger", she's been a little sleepy lately.  

Now.... as for the thief.

This is where you come in, if you'd like.

I know that we are SMALL in Uptrennd.

I know we have been through the FIRE these last few months.  But there is a SOLID CITY HERE. And we move as a unit, as a family, as a platform.

I am asking you to do something for me - and for all the other victims of crypto-theft in this situation.  (and there are MANY - because I was told that just ONE of his/her wallets holds $600k USD value - and another is connected to a BINANCE account? who knows how much is there?)


Here is what it says:

preview not available


I have limited reach.

But if I tweet,

and you retweet,

and others who are TIRED of these thieves join in?

We just might catch a thief.

We can't do it alone.  but together? #WeCanTry

Protect your wallets NOW.

Love you, Tiger



Kemmy B.
01 May

Yes! It's time for ACTION! 

This is the Tiger I know... We will not rest on our oars till we spread this message around. 

Wow! $600k USD value in one of the wallets! 

To the thief: what you have done is VERY WRONG and you made a mistake coming this way. You will be exposed!

Rest assured ma'am, we are standing with you. No more tears. It's time for action!


Agaga Julius
01 May

Protecting our wallets with the hard earning is very much Important. Thieves are everywhere and they want to deprive someone from his hard work and sweat. Instead, they will be deprived and stopped from the dubious act they are involved in. 

God will strengthen you and you start will be the big blow with countless rewards. God shall elevate ma'am... 

I'm heading to the tweet right away.


Sofs Su
01 May

Retweeted and quoted your tweet. Sorry about what happened. Yeah let's expose these scammers and hackers.


Amjad Ali Waince
01 May

Yes toghether we can fight in better way and strongly. Tweet , retweeted . Let's shoulder to shoulder behind this gang.


Bluefin Studios
01 May

Done and done!
That little move deserves all the publicity, and the spotlight shone on it. Let's get this guy out of the darkness and shine some light on him!







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