Who's ready to LOL???

Hello guys and welcome to the second edition of our REVIEWS at BEARDLOCK STUDIOS by your favourite young Beardlock, today's episode promises to be fun albeit it is NOT a review... So what is it?? Hmmmmm!

With the digital takeover and turn around that has happened since the latter stages of the twentieth century and which we are now fully deep in, I wonder what seems to be fun on television these days... Moreso, what fun shows do kids watch on their television sets now. Everything and all the fun seems to be on Social Media now.

I remember how our television set used to be our world back in the days?? You wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is turn on the Tv and put it on our favourite cartoon channel, we get back from school and we do the same thing, We watch cartoon all day long...

Who can guess what was every child's favourite cartoon then??? Perhaps, not every child, but most children... Can anyone guess???

Oh well, there were quite a few, Animaniacs, Teletubies, Twinnies, Pinky and the brain, Johnny Bravo, Freakazoid and of course the superhero cartoons... But one particular cartoon stood out... One which made everyone laugh till their bellies hurt, I mean both Adult and young alike... And that was TOM and JERRY. 

preview not available


And that's what we're talking briefly about today because guess what guys???????? A new and ultimate TOM and JERRY Movie was released today on Big screens all around the world... Can you beat that???

I have seen the trailer and guys, its fun, its exciting and its certainly overwhelmingly hilarious...

Do you want to remember what it felt like watching Tom and Jerry and forgetting all about your worries while you laugh out loud till you crack a rib??? 

Then, this is a MUST-SEE for everyone, its a movie designed for family meaning you can take your kids along to the theatres to watch it.

Starring some of our favourite actors like Chloe Grace Moretz (Kickass), Michael Pena (Antman) and some other A-list actors, Tom and Jerry; the movie, promises to be worth the watch, isn't it always???? 

So what are you waiting for??? Visit our website www.beardlockstudios.com for screening times and ticket bookings... Hurry now and grab that front seat for the best view.

While you do that you can have a delicious taste of the movie with its trailer below


[email protected]_Jay~

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Adeleye Abdulqudus
26 Feb

OMG!!!!  TOM AND JERRY!!!. Sincerely when you started with pinky and the brain, teletubbies, Johnny bravo, Winnie the Pooh, scooby doo, biker mice, incredible hawk, silver hawk, and the mighty Tom and Jerry. I just had to skip other write up and watch  the trailer. Can't wait for the it to be officially out 


26 Feb

I must watch this movie. The trailer is off the hook.

Thanks for bringing this to my topic, Beardlock studios rock.


preview not available Adelan o
27 Feb

This would be so hilarious, it looks like the director pulled it off well enough, I watched the trailer and I must say it about time, we have this sworn frenemies in the real world😁🥳. 


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
27 Feb

 My God, a Tom and Jerry movie must be fabulous, it's a movie that I think I can enjoy, because since I was a kid I remember it as one of my favorite cartoons.
In the trailer she looks spectacular, I will definitely see her


preview not available etson arrantes
28 Feb

Tom and Jerry.. One of the biggest joy i have ever had in my childhood lives.. We had  T&J every sunday at our national channel and i've never missed any of them.. Those were the days.. 


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