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I have been struggling for a very long time period. I don't know the time but it's about my childhood. After the death of my father, I have suffered a lot of things. Social pressure, bullying, loneliness, no friendship. I have been lived in the darkest aspect of my life and that was the reality that pinches me Every time.

The way from my childhood to becoming an adult and then passing the way of maturity, I have been suffered a lot. Mostly, the people who being so nice on my face, Back bitches me so much. Firstly, throughout my journey I got so much stressed that why everyone hits on my heart, what I have done wrong to them that I can't even get a good friend. I don't know it was my illusion or reality that I have been suffered so much through people. I'll say it's my bad luck that each stage of my life I have got mostly selfish people, people who knows only to put knife behind your back became my friends and at that stage, I was so fool that I couldn't know about their real intentions.  


now, at this stage, I have been matured enough to bear all these things. Fakeness of people or their deceiving nature doesn't harm me anymore because I am now use to of it and bear all the things so happily by saying that, please come on and tease me and tell me who is next to deceive me..?

Tell me who is next...!



Deborah Adeniran
21 Nov

We would get to a stage in life in which the fakeness of people would not get to us at all because we have experienced their fakeness so many times...There was a time in which I do get sad if I noticed someone is fake but now,I just ignore it like it's normal.i guess that's one of adulthood qualities.. lol


Oluwafemi Olofin
21 Nov

All these pains and suffering are only to make you a better person in life. Those fake friends that comes your way are there to make you depend on your self without having to consult people before taking decision.

Who's next? It all depends on your choice and decision.


Khadija Sheikh
21 Nov

First of all, I was sorry to hear about your father ... may God forgive him ...
You have made yourself so strong that now you have no problem with anyone ...
You will continue to be so strong۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔


Minha Khan
22 Nov

There are so many lessons in this post. 👆

Every words of your post directly hitted my heart💔

People pretend that they are only yours, but behind your back they do backbitting and speaks bad words about you 😐🤐

After reading this whole post one line cames in my mind..... 

Oh  sorry, I forgot, I only exist when you need something 😕😐😒

People becomes so selfish that they only used you for their benefits 🙂selfish people are always pretending nice. 

I gives you advice , never trust on people, people have sugar on their lips but venom on their heart🙂😇

Don't allow people to play with your feelings 🙂, 

Always remember Imam Ali (A. S) quote 

"The world is a like a snake, soft to touch, but full of venom inside"

I think no one deceive you, but your humble and down to earth nature gives other chance to deceive you😇


Remember, never trust on other, because no one is yours 🙂


maya Choudhary
21 Nov

sad to hear about your father

Amm , I think advices do effect person , but not as much as he can bring change in his self by own , as we all know , the force from inside is powerful than anything else , BUT , here I would advice you that , these things are the part of life , ups and downs are the part of our journey , You should beleive in not loosing hope , no matter what others do with you , stay humble , do good deeds , ALLAH WOULD BLESS YOU WITH BEST AS REWARD .  







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