Who is Lionel Messi and what he has achieved?

Hello everyone, have safe and good days..

Yesterday i have created a content about Messi and Barcelona after his "staying decision".. I've tried to talked about his new life with the new coach and with the new Barca players.. Yes, everything is changing with Barcelona but Messi..

As all we know the management asked about 700 millions of euros and i believe that's why he stayed.. Agreed with me or not? You can build a football league with that kind of money.. If i give you an example one of the biggest Italian club AS Roma has total €379.30m worth.. You do the math..

Let's get back in time and examine Messi..

My first question would be; if Messi never existed would Barcelona got these cups? I mean all of them.. 34 glorious cups with him.. 6 La-Liga championships in last decade.. Let's check:

4 times Champions League Cup

10 times La-Liga Champions

6 times Spanish Cup

8 times Spanish Super Cup

3 times FIFA Club World Cup

3 times UEFA Super Cup

I believe you would all say NO to my question! And i just feel the same.. Barca couldn't win all those cups if Messi never existed..

He has arrived to Barcelona when he was 13 years old and waited 5 long years to play in the senior team.. Since 2005 we are watching his magic shows and he still have lots of things to give.. I believe he could easly play 3-4 more seasons..

As a Ronaldo fan i always respected Messi and accepted his greatness.. I can't lie he is one of the best football player i have ever watched.. And i also consider myself very lucky to live in his era..

Check his crazy stats.. 919 goals and assists in his 731 career games.. (It's way better than Ronaldo, he has got 861 goals and assists in his 850 career games..)

And if we check Messi's awards.. Wow, it would just look like a joke..

6 times Best FIF Men Player Award

6 times Ballon D'or Award

2 times UEFA Best Player in Europe Award

19 times Top Goal Scorer (7 times La-Liga, 6 times in Champions League and 5 times Copa Del-Rey)

10 times Player of the Year in La-Liga

I also can't forget his 2011-12 and 2012-13 La-Liga performance.. Those season were his best ones by far.. He had 1.35 and 1.44 goals per game!

I believe he has achieved every big things with Barca but unfortunately he couldn't do that with his national team Argentina.. He played 138 games with his team and was able to score 70 goals.. But he wasn't successful in World Cups.. Messi has played 18 games in world cups and he could only score 6 games.. As i deeply know his biggest target was to gain a FIFA World Cup and honor his nation just like Maradona did.. He even couldn't reached the finals which Maradona did in 1986 and 1990.. I believe this is his biggest heart braking matter..

I also think that i would follow Ronaldo's way if i was a big footballer.. He played in 3 big country in 3 big teams Manu, Madrid and Juve in England, Spain and in Italy.. Shinny career isn't it? But Messi played for only Barca.. Lived only in Barcelona.. Could it be boring? Maybe not but i would act like Ronaldo..

Thank you for reading..

Image Source: https://e00-marca.uecdn.es/assets/multimedia/imagenes/2017/04/24/14930641106635.jpg

Stats Sources: https://www.transfermarkt.com/



Donkyzhang Nobert
06 Sep

Indeed, Lionel Messi is one of the greatest football players I have seen. He is very tactical even in situations that are unimaginable. 


Captain Philips
06 Sep

He's worth every Penny, However, with Uefa Fair play rules: any small club in terms of capital would go bankrupt to land Messi. I'll Take CR7 too like you, he has tasted most of the Big Leagues.


idunique Etim™
06 Sep

Messi is Loyal to Barcelona and that's why he has decided to stay great with them. He is my Best player that ever existed.


Ikechukwu Ndukwe
06 Sep

sincerely Messi is a great achiever and i still love ROnaldo no matter what because both of them has made the competition in the world of football and individual accolades interesting. He is a bone footballer, i mean Messi and ronaldo has shown himself more with hardwork


Olatunbosun Bossman
06 Sep

Lionel Messi is the greatest player that have ever graced the world of football. His stats speaks volume of what he has achieved. 

Messi spending almost all his footballing career is good for him because He is been grateful what what the club has done for him. If I was in his shoes, I will do shame. 

Ronald on the other hand has been to various clubs and proving himself there. If Messi was to leave Barcelona he will still prove himself anywhere. He is just been loyal to his boyhood club







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