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03 Mar
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Who Impoverished Africa?

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Hollar hormorh 4 months ago

Africa would have be the unique continent, we are the most talented. Our leaders cause the mistrie happening to us. We are the great. I'm happy to be African

Obasi Ifegwu 4 months ago

It is still the most unique continent. It's just a matter of time.

Kieu Viet 4 months ago

That's right, you guys are awesome. I'm Asian, nice to meet you, ...

Awotunde Afolasade 4 months ago

Mismanagement of resources by our past leaders and theft has caused Africans more harm than good 

Captain Philips 4 months ago

Honestly, colonial masters did Cos they were busy building and stealing resources instead of empowering our older leaders with the right skills to evolve and grow their knowledge. This was passed down till this present days no clue African Leaders.

Tijani Qudus 4 months ago

We are gifted in Africa but we are selling our own resources to outsiders, it's a pity. 

Paajohnny Qkueqku 4 months ago

Corruption has taken the roots of Africa, our leaders steal from the innocent poor citizens of our countries and fill their pockets with that. They will do all kinds of things to be rich themselves. We are suffering because of the kind of leaders we have.


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