Who I Write For, and Who I Don't Write For

Who I Write For

I am a writer. Over the last four years I’ve worked to learn and practice the craft of writing. Hopefully, I’ve improved in that time. I write on a variety of subjects. Sometimes I’ll research and provide a factually based article, sometimes the piece will be creative non-fiction, sometimes fiction.

All of my writing explores my creativity and I share with others in hopes of building a following, share information or entertain depending on the piece I have published.

I haven’t met a writer who thinks differently. Regardless of our level of proficiency, writers share a piece of themselves through creativity. I want to follow writers who write content inviting me to spend my time reading. When I read, I accept their offer to share their creativity.

For me, I wont worry about the length of the post they are sharing. I worry about their content. Does it have a message? Is it written in a way to engage my attention?

There are many on Uptrennd I will open their posts the moment I see they have published. I’ll read them through, appreciating what they have shared. I don’t always feel drawn to comment. That is the introvert in me. It doesn’t mean I am not interested in their work.

Currently, Uptrennd is enjoying good traffic and activity. Some of that is arriving from the search engines. Search engines have become more and more discriminating in the push to turn up quality search results.

They have taken steps to filter out poor quality content. It’s no secret the more frequently poor quality content aka spam shows up on a site, the less frequently they return that site’s content when people are searching.

The more frequently people write quality articles of 500 words or more on Uptrennd, the more often traffic to the site will be attracted through search engines. The more spam that is posted as posts and comments, the less often traffic will be sent here.

Should all content be more than 500 words? Not necessarily. Some writers can produce quality short form content. Micro fiction is an example of short form content which attracts readership. Micro fiction is any short story less than 500 words. It’s a challenge to write a good story in short form.

Seth Godin has written a popular blog for years and rarely publishes more than 300 words. What draws and keeps his readership, every post he puts up has a message. It shares the message in a concise and thoughtful manner. I receive his blog posts every day in my email. I never delete them unread.

Who I am Not Writing For

First and foremost. I am not writing for people who want to quickly scan through a post, toss down a low quality comment and expect to get upvotes.

When you drop me a comment telling me my post was long, you are telling me you didn’t bother reading it all the way through but upvote you cause you showed up. Not happening.

I share my content on four sites. One of those sites will not accept a post unless it is 600 words or more. Uptrennd is the only site I’ve ever been on where readers complain about content length. Don’t be a lazy reader, you want an upvote, read and leave real comments.

Some authors on here have proven there is a large number of people who take in the image, the first and last paragraph and then wing it on leaving a comment. I don’t write for you either. The whole post matters.

Comments are about feedback, questions, opinions, thoughts. Anything else is more spam than value. Value gives the author a sense of what touched the reader.

My Thoughts On Spammers

You might be catching on here. I don’t have much in the way of patience for spammers on my posts. I’ve not come out and said much until now.

When I come back to respond to comments on posts and find the vast majority of the comments are generic, say nothing spam in search of free upvotes then it’s time for me to give you a clear message.

There are spammers on here who can be rather creative in how they spam. They swipe other people’s comment or take part of the post and spin the content. If they put as much energy into writing a real comment after reading the whole post, they would be growing on the platform.

Spam the comments of my posts and you will be downvoted. I invite any others who visit the post and see the spam to take part in downvoting the spam. I know some will retaliate against me. I don’t care.

I want Uptrennd to succeed and it will not succeed while spammers are trying to run the show.

Spammers, you’ve been warned. When the following graphic is shared on a post, be prepared to be downvoted by the author for your spamming.

Shadowspub is a writer from Ontario, Canada. She writes on a variety of subjects as she pursues her passion for learning. She also writes on other platforms.

She created Prompt A Day to share with others. You can subscribe to Prompt A Day for a set of ideas in your inbox every day.



Benjamin B
11 May

Support the creator's and the comments, 

But I have to agree...commenting a post with out reading just to gain ups should be downgraded always!! 

It kills creativity and quality.



preview not available Esma Sid
11 May

You are absolutely right. There are so many spammers lurking around whole day. They are also comment farmers. Just throw poor quality comments all over in order to get upvotes. And thats why the quality content has been neglected. 

This is so frustrating. People should learn how to work on uptrennd. Your post is incredible👏👏👏👏



Shadows Pub
11 May

the Uptrennd team is working hard to kill off the spamming and the comment farmers. We need to help by now only downvoting but also reporting those who take part in both.



Oldschool Wrestlingdesires
30 Jun

From what I understand the Guardians are also muting spammers - and I must say there are fewer good morning posts every day!



Goodnews Jackson
11 May

Great piece,wish others in the community learns with respect to spamming post



Shakir Ritz
11 May

I think you should support to the both who leaving short comments and long well enough..

Because both are your followers it's depending on him how much education they have..

Any way a writing scale you have according to me is wonderful.



Shadows Pub
11 May

Short comments are not the problem. I often leave short comments on posts, but, they have enough information in them to let the author know, I actually read their post. 

A comment like "Good info bro, thanks for sharing" doesn't tell me anything about what the person learned in the post, or thought of it etc. 

 A comment like that does tell me the person is looking for an upvote, that I've just served notice, will not be coming.



Logan Phunneytoon
11 May

I enjoy writing alot but i like to keep my write ups simple, short, and interesting, quantity is not me but quality, and most people skip long paragraphed contents, they feel its time wasting and stressful but its sometimes informative and insightful

i did made lots on mistake here making spam comments and honestly i never knew what spam comments was, i thought it was a way to motivate the writers here. I came across @Zizy's post for newbies and that helped me understand why i got downvoted sometimes,

i really had no idea about how uptrennd work when i joined but now am ok



Shadows Pub
11 May

sounds like you've done some learning and are working on building yourself up on Uptrennd. Short interesting articles with a message can definitely have value. 

If by long paragraphed content you mean people who write long paragraphs, I totally agree with that. Blocks of text are difficult to read on the screen. Shorter paragraphs are easier on the reader making it easier for them to read through an article.

Three to four sentences in a paragraph is optimal and the length of paragraphs should be varied.








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