Who benefits from mandatory vaccine roll-out?

When looking at any behavior that appears questionable or controversial, we ask the age old question – “Cui bono?”, which is Latin for “who benefits”. Today I repeat the anti-vaccine narrative proposed by American legend Robert F. Kennedy Jr, environmental lawyer, and relative of JFK, the assassinated American president of the 1960s.

“Cui bono? (/kwiː ˈboʊnoʊ/), in English "to whom is it a benefit?", is a Latin phrase about identifying crime suspects. It expresses the view that crimes are often committed to benefit their perpetrators, especially financially. Which party benefits may not be obvious, and there may be a scapegoat.”


Now this is not my idea, this is the idea and philosophy of one of the most powerful lawyers in America today. He has stood up against Big Business in its different forms over the past three decades, in the law courts of America. And now he is calling out the veracity, legality and efficacy of today’s attempted covid vaccination of every single human on the planet.

Here is my source of information if you wish to hear RFK Jr say it for himself: 


My main point is that it looks like a scam to profit Big Pharma as well as that vermin Dr Fauci, the advisor to President Trump who is pushing the covid narrative today. Dr Fauci is heavily invested in shares in the company pushing the vaccine. So he is naturally forcing it on the world. 

Also the regulatory agency in America that oversees Big Pharma has become captured. They are now toothless to control or oversee the medical industry today. These selfish profiteers like Dr Fauci, the CDC, the FDA are sellouts, and they are now selling out the people of the world so that they can profit big time. 

According to RFK Jr, the CDC (Center for disease control) and the FDA (Food and drug administration) in America receive most of their funding from Big Pharma. They all plan to benefit from hundreds of millions of dollars on vaccine patents and the rollout of a so-called covid vaccine. 

Moderna and Pfizer are just two of the Big Pharma corporations colluding to profit from this. Dr Fauci has a patent on the vaccine! He is the one pushing it because he is the one who will make millions from it.

And they may do trial tests but those tests are skewed so that they can only look good. They are bogus trials. Just like the PCR tests currently being used to test us all for covid. They are totally flawed and cannot be trusted. They are 95% false positives. They do not work and the inventor himself said that they should never be used to mass test for covid. It is a con guys!

Dr Fauci is an alleged criminal in my opinion, for his promotion of this entire pandemic and vaccine requirement. He and the WHO are captured and are pushing a fake pandemic narrative. The American Congress gets more money from Big Pharma lobbyists than from any other bunch of corporations. They get double the amount of money from Big Pharma than compared to what they get from Big Oil industries. And so the government agencies are sold out to the private corporations in America.

They do not care about your best health. You mean very little to them. It’s about their massive profits. They are selling “we the people” down the river, stealing your liberty, so that they can profit. They appear to be criminals. And the mainstream media is complicit. They are totally captured and parroting a false narrative to lie to you the people. Lawyer RFK Jr is spelling it out, based on his over three decades of fighting these criminal corporations and the government in America.

I am simply repeating the information I hear from RFK Jr in the video clip linked above. Don’t believe me. I am a nobody. Listen to this veteran lawyer, one of the few voices of reason on the planet. One of the few people who have not sold out to the Fascist corporatocracy running America and its government today. 

Why do you think the original President JFK was assassinated after only two years as president of America? It was because he was calling out the criminal deep state, those who put their selfish desires above those of the millions of people from whom they are stealing. Well the same war is still going on today, and Kennedy is still fighting in the trenches. And in the law courts. Against the same enemy – the deep state and Big Business.

Please watch the legend RFK speak for himself and for the people of America, in the video link, and become educated regarding the real issues behind this whole covid “pandemic” and mandatory vaccination roll out that they are trying to impose upon us. This is about education. I’m merely passing on the information from highly qualified RFK Jr. Based on this information, I have decided that I will refuse the vaccine. You inform yourself and make your own decision.  

If you don’t like what I’m saying, then don’t shoot the messenger. Go and listen to my source, RFK Jr, and feel free to find fault with his information, I simply repeat what he says.  



XxX offiong
24 Nov

Shooting the messenger is pointless, a well known advocate always fighting against the corporate establishment knows the MESSAGES he always delivers, a word they say is enough for the wise


Nathaniel GB
24 Nov

A lot to admire about RFK Jr. An intelligent and free thinker in the beat sense of the word and a credit to his father's and uncle's (JFK) legacy. I like how he is not afraid to tackle unpopular (for those on the American liberal/corporate side) topics. 


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
24 Nov

This vaccine is not .want to be impose but to suppress or reduce the fear of the pandemic and it's for all not for a set of people and I know it will go along way in achieveing their dreamnto fight  for the  cute of the pandemic.


Matthew Rosenquist
24 Nov

Wait, I thought you didn't believe Covid was real?  That the nearly 60 million infected and over 1 million dead globally were fictious.  When did that change?


Julescape Crypto
26 Nov

I believe experts like the above. I know covid is a flu, it is real like the flu is real. The pandemic is what I believe, like the above lawyer and numerous doctors, based on stats, to be fake. The lockdown is a crime. Those are the three standpoints I hold based on my conscience, my research, and my evidence and referrals to academics far more learned than me. The covid is a flu. Flu is real. The pandemic is the fake. The lockdown is a crime. 

For example, here in South Africa we have had tuberculosis for decades, the worst deaths and cases in the world. More people die here from tuberculosis than any who have died here from covid. Yet we never went  into pandemic mode, or even epidemic mode. Nor did we ever call for a mask for tuberculosis. Nor did we lockdown for tuberculosis. 

This year in South Africa more people have died from tuberculosis than covid. Thereofore the logic of calling the covid flu an epidemic or a pandemic is bogus and a crime against humanity. This crime calling the covid flu a pandemic, is going to court right now.

Furthermore, the mortality rate globally from this covid flu is less than 0.1% of the population. The recovery rate is 99%. This is not in any way a pandemic. This is the biggest crime in my lifetime. The entire planet was lied to and I take this crime very seriously. You can not in any moral or legal way lock down the planet for the flu. Also the overall death rate for Ireland this year, for example, was no worse than the death rate in 2017 and 2018. I have seen the graphs in the Youtube link to Ivor Cummins channel. There is no increase in the normal fatality rate for seasonal flu compared to any other normal year in Ireland. The stats make it clear that this covid flu never ever required any lockdown. It is the alarm call of "pandemic", the enforced mask and the lockdown that is bogus and a crime against humanity. 







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